There are many Americans who will never forget the name Eric Smith. He is the notorious, freckle-faced murderer who, in 1993, when he was just 13 years old, brutally murdered Derrick Robie, a little boy. Smith took the child into a woodland, then damaged him about the face with stone and killed him. He immediately sodomised the deceased with a stick and buried it in a ditch.

Smith was imprisoned, suspected of committing second-degree murder, and jailed. For an underage criminal at the time, he suffered an aggregate punishment of nine years to life in jail. He was imprisoned for 28 years and turned down for parole 10 times during that time. In February 2022, he was freed from prison after receiving parole in October 2021.

However, many of the public might not be aware that Smith has a fiancée who has supported him during as well as following his time in jail. Who is this woman who has a crush with a murderer? What attracted them jointly, as well as what are their dreams for the future?  What is known about Eric Smith’s engagement and his enigmatic partner is listed below.

Meet Margaret C. Houck, the fiancée of Eric Smith

Several accounts claim that Margaret C. Houck, a law student who met Eric Smith while he was serving his sentence in prison, is the couple’s fiancée. Smith revealed their engagement during his parole hearing in 2021, which marked the start of their relationship.

According to reports, Houck frequently visited Smith in jail where they talked about his situation and looked into the juvenile justice system. In letters to the parole board, she also advocated for him and expressed her faith in his ability to change and feel regret.

Houck has not made many disclosures about her personal life or job, nor has she discussed her relationship with Smith in public. However, some sites assert that she is from New York and has a psychology degree from Cornell University. To continue to pursue continue her education, she participated in Syracuse University College of Law, where she qualified in 2020 with a law degree

Houck is known to be involved with problems including reforming the criminal justice system and human rights. She has earlier experience working as a law student at various organisations, like the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, the Centre for Social Alternatives, and the New York Civil Rights Union.

How did Houck come to love Smith?

Many people are wondering why Houck fell in love with Smith despite knowing about his awful past and violent crimes. What attracted her to him and maintained her dedication to him for so long?

There is not a clear response to the query as only Houck and Smith are aware of the real character of their connection. However, the following list includes some possible reasons:

  • Houck suffers from a saviour complex, which causes her to feel compelled to assist or save someone who is in need. She might have imagined she could make Smith better by seeing him as a victim of his own circumstances and trauma.
  • Houck is sexually aroused by someone who has committed a horrific or terrible crime because she has a hybristophilia. She might have been lured to Smith’s sinister side and his bad reputation, and she might have gotten a rush from being linked with him.
  • Smith and Houck are genuinely connected, which means that she is able to look past his criminal behaviour and appreciate his humanity. She might have felt sympathy and compassion for him because of their shared ideals or interests.

These are, of course, just conjectures based on psychological theories and presumptions. The truth could be either simpler or more complex than we can anticipate.

What Future Plans Do Houck and Smith Have?

Smith was finally rescued from prison and is now free to keep up the relationship and make plans for the future. On the reverse side, their path is made difficult by several kinds of difficulties and impediments.

Smith is first and foremost subject to onerous parole conditions that limit his freedom and mobility.  He is required to wear an electronic ankle monitor, routinely check in with a parole officer, submit to drug testing and counselling, avoid interactions with kids, refrain from using alcohol, and refrain from carrying weapons. In addition, he needs to obtain a secure job and accommodation, which may be challenging given his criminal history and negative public perception.

The public and media may not accept or forgive Smith for his crime, and he must deal with their outrage and criticism. He can be the target of abuse, threats, or violence from individuals who are furious about his release or who want to exact retribution for Derrick Robie’s passing.

Thirdly, Smith must deal with his alleged feelings of guilt and regret for his crime. He has constantly expressed his regret for what he done and apologised to Robie’s family. Additionally, he has stated that he recognises their hurt and rage and that he does not seek their pardon.

Last but not least, Smith and Houck must deal with the strain and attention that their relationship will unavoidably draw. They might have to putting through the judgement and condemnation of their families, friends, or place of employment as an outcome of deciding to be together. They could also have to deal through the public’s and the press’s prying queries into their private lives.

The details of Smith and Houck’s wedding, including the date and location, are unclear. Furthermore, it is unclear how they would support themselves and where they will remain. We just know that they will faced a highly difficult journey that lies ahead them and are going to require enormous bravery and endurance to triumph over every obstacle they confront.


Eric Smith is a contentious person who has created a lot of discussion and controversy concerning juvenile justice, victim’s rights, and criminal rehabilitation. Another component of his narrative that causes a lot of thought and emotion is the fact that he was engaged to Margaret C. Houck.

Who is the fiancée of Eric Smith? In spite of his criminal past, the woman he is engaged to has chosen to love him. How intelligent or foolish this choice was will only become apparent with time.

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