What Was Said By Ashley Barkis In Her Video Apology?


An Asian guy was pursued away the a woman after a car accident in Los Angeles, and the entire thing was filmed on camera. The video went viral on social media, raising controversy and calls for the woman to be detained. The woman, Ashley Barkis, acts as an internet guru and the sales manager for 24 Time Fitness. She could have seen in the video making snide comments regarding the man and questioning about his driving past and immigration history. Additionally, she forces him into oncoming traffic, endangering his life.

What Was Captured on Film?

The footage was first shared on TikTok by @sam.anthabong, who claimed that a buddy of his friend was involved in the incident. He urged the audience to share the video so that the woman may be found and made to answer for her actions. Later, @rx0rcist uploaded the footage on Twitter and identified the woman in the video as Ashley Barkis.

The assault allegedly occurred in San Diego, where Ashley resides, per Sportskeeda1. She allegedly struck an Asian family’s car before getting out to confront them Woman was acting harsh and upset with the driver, who seem to be calm and useful. She additionally expressed negative comments concerning his ethnic origin and immigration status, giving the impression that he wasn’t a true citizen of the US.

At one point, her shoved michael across the other roadway, which might have culminated in a tragic collision. As she ran away from the location at the last moment of the video, everybody emerged into amazement as hopelessness.

What Response Did The Internet Give?

Internet users were quite angry and hateful after watching the video, criticising Ashley’s behaviour and demanding her arrest. Many people referred to her as a bigot and a racist, and they accused her of trying to murder someone. They also reported her to 24 Hour Fitness, asking them to dismiss her for her deeds.

Additionally, some people asserted that Ashley had treated them inconsiderately and unkindly during their interactions with her. They showed screenshots of her “SAVAGE” Instagram account, which they claimed accurately captured her personality.

What Was Said By Ashley Barkis In Her Video Apology?

Ashley Barkis created an apologetic video and shared it on her Instagram account after facing a lot of anger. She became private shortly after deleting her profile, though. Several individuals uploaded a portion of the video on Twitter and TikTok, criticising her apologies as hollow and unconvincing.
Ashley expressed her desire to apologise to the Asian family in the video for whatever suffering she may have brought on them. She continued by saying she was against all types of racism and violence towards anyone. She argued that some information was taken out of context and that the entire scenario was not adequately shown in the video. He wasn’t holding the driver’s licence in the manner she stated she was only trying to picture it properly.
Additionally, she disclosed that she was half Filipino and expressed regret for any offence caused to the Asian community. Many netizens, however, responded to this assertion with scepticism and doubt, stating that it did not justify or excuse her prejudice.

Ashley Barkis: Is She Arrested?

No formal confirmation has been made on the arrest or not of Ashley Barkis as of yet. Some Twitter users, nevertheless, assert that she was later taken into custody. Ashley Barkis assaulted individuals from the opposite automobile, but their identities are still unknown It’s not unclear if they initiated a lawsuit against her.
And plenty of individuals are hoping that Ashley will be punished liable for her crimes and that justice is done.. Additionally, they are urging greater awareness of and action against racism and the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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