What Is Picuki ?

Picuki is an online service that provides various tools and features for Instagram users. It is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Instagram itself. Picuki allowed users to interact with Instagram posts, including liking, commenting, and exploring hashtags. It provided a convenient way to manage and engage with Instagram content from a desktop or mobile browser. Picuki offers several functionalities that can be helpful for Instagram users, such as:

  1. Profile Viewer: Picuki allows users to view and download Instagram profiles, including profile pictures and posts, even if those profiles are set to private. Please note that using such services to view private profiles may violate Instagram’s terms of service.
  2. Photo and Video Download: You can use Picuki to download photos and videos from public Instagram profiles.
  3. Instagram Analytics: Some versions of Picuki offer basic analytics for Instagram accounts. This includes insights into follower growth, post engagement, and other metrics.
  4. Hashtag Generator: Picuki provides a tool to generate popular and relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts, which can help increase visibility and engagement.


Picuki  is Trending On Instagram 

Trending topics on Instagram can vary greatly depending on current events, seasons, holidays, and popular culture. Instagram’s Explore page and the use of hashtags are common ways to discover trending content. Here are some general trends and topics that often gain popularity on Instagram:

  1. Food and Recipes: Food photography, recipes, and videos featuring delicious dishes are consistently popular on Instagram. Unique food trends like new diets or viral recipes also tend to trend.
  2. Travel and Adventure: Pictures and videos of breathtaking landscapes, travel destinations, and adventures often make their way to the trending list, especially during the vacation season.
  3. Fitness and Wellness: Health and fitness trends, workout routines, and wellness tips are popular subjects, particularly at the beginning of the year when many people set fitness goals.
  4. Celebrities and Pop Culture: Posts related to popular celebrities, movies, music, and TV shows often trend, especially during major awards shows or premieres.
  5. DIY and Home Improvement: Home renovation, DIY projects, and interior design inspiration are trendy subjects on Instagram.
  6. Lifestyle and Hobbies: Content related to hobbies such as photography, art, gardening, and crafting can trend among enthusiasts.
  7. Current Events and News: Major news stories and current events can dominate Instagram trends when they are significant and widely discussed.
  8. Challenges and Viral Trends: Social media challenges and viral trends, often initiated by users or influencers, can quickly gain momentum and trend on Instagram.


Steps to follow for edit Instagram Photos On Picuki

  • To edit your Instagram photos using Picuki or similar third-party services, you would typically follow these steps:
  • Open your web browser and go to the Picuki website.
  • On the Picuki homepage, you’ll find an option to log in to your Instagram account. This will allow you to access your Instagram photos and edit them using Picuki.
  • You may utilize Picuki to get to your Instagram feed once logging in. To modify a photo, click on it.
  • Picuki features simple photo-editing tools that you may use to transform your image. These tools could include filters, brightness, contrast, saturation, and other modifications. Make the desired adjustments to your photo by delving into the alternatives that are available to you.

Picuki often offers a variety of filters that you can use in order to give your photo an original look. Experiment with different filters to see which one complements your photo the best.

Some versions of Picuki allow you to add text, stickers, or even draw on your photo. Use these features to add personal touches or captions.

Once you’ve been pleased with the modifications and look for a way to save the image. You could have the choice to download it directly to your smartphone or tablet from Picuki.

Just like when working with a regular photo, visit Insta and submit the edited version online.


Picuki Alternatives:-

There are so many options in the market for editing Instagram photos. Some of them are listed below:-

  1. Pikko: Pikko is a web-based tool that allows you to view and download Instagram content, similar to Picuki.
  2. Downloader4Insta: Similar to InstaDP, Downloader4Insta allows you to view and download Instagram profile pictures and posts, including videos and photos.
  3. Social Blade: Social Blade provides analytics and statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. It offers information on follower growth, engagement, and more.
  4. Iconosquare: Iconosquare is a comprehensive Instagram management and analytics platform. It provides in-depth insights into your Instagram performance, scheduling tools, and more. 
  5. Later: Later is a visual social media planner and scheduler that supports Instagram. It helps you plan and schedule your posts, track performance, and organize your content calendar.
  6. Buffer: Buffer is another social media management tool that supports Instagram scheduling. 
  7. Deskgram: Deskgram is a desktop application that offers a range of features for managing and scheduling Instagram posts.
  8. Tailwind: Tailwind is primarily known for Pinterest scheduling, but it also offers Instagram scheduling and analytics.
  9. Planoly: Planoly is a visual planning and scheduling tool for Instagram. It allows you to plan and schedule posts, as well as analyze your performance.
  10. LaterBro: LaterBro is a scheduling tool specifically for Instagram. It allows you to schedule posts, manage content, and track performance.

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