What is known about the Brighton Butler Divorce thus far

Brighton Butler is a well-known fashion influencer and blogger with a sizable fan base on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. She is the creator of BrightonTheDay LLC, a well-known lifestyle and fashion site where she expresses her viewpoint on life through commonplace attire, encounters, and lessons learned. She has two children, Blake and Four, who she frequently includes in her posts.

Brighton, who had been married to Duncan Butler III for six years, startled her supporters by filing for divorce at the beginning of May 2023. The news of their split has generated a lot of rumours and debates among her supporters and the general public. We shall attempt to address some of the inquiries surrounding the divorce of Brighton Butler in this post, including:

  • Why did Brighton and Duncan choose to end their marriage?
  • How are they managing the divorce’s custody and financial arrangements?
  • What emotional and practical difficulties are Brighton and Duncan facing as a result of their divorce?
  • What are Brighton and Duncan’s future plans now that they are divorced?


Since Brighton and Duncan haven’t made any statements in the media, it’s unclear exactly why they decided to get divorced. However, other outlets have speculated that their breakup might have been influenced by infidelity. Reddit users have allegedly stated that Duncan cheated on Brighton with another lady, which resulted in their divorce, according to Vizaca Trending. However, no party has confirmed nor rejected these charges.

A difference in parenting approaches or values could be another factor for their divorce. Some Reddit users have conjectured that Brighton and Duncan had differing parenting philosophies, particularly with regard to their children’s education and religion, according to Celeb Critics. Some users have also mentioned Brighton’s apparent greater career ambition and focus than Duncan’s, which may have led to some conflict or resentment between the two of them.

It’s essential to maintain on the forefront that these are only ideas and hypotheses based on limited proof. Neither they are aware and fully comprehend why they chose to divorce, which may have been motivated by a variety of circumstances. Given it, it is best to respect their privacy and stay off from sharing inaccurate data or creating unfounded accusations.


How Brighton and Duncan are handling the child custody and financial aspects of their divorce is another topic of fascination for many people. The distribution of assets, spousal support, and child custody arrangements are just a few of the legal processes and talks that are involved in divorce proceedings, as was previously indicated.

On May 2, 2023, according to UniCourt, Brighton petitioned the Dallas County District Courts for a divorce from Duncan. The matter is still pending and not yet closed. We are unaware of how they are distributing their assets, income, or child custody because the specifics of their divorce settlement are private and confidential.

However, other reports have said that because Brighton is the family’s primary earner, the divorce might cause her to suffer a considerable financial loss. Reddit users have calculated that Brighton makes about $500K a year from her blog and other media platforms, while Duncan makes about $100K a year from his work as a financial analyst, according to Freshers Live4. As a result, some users have conjectured that Brighton would be required to give Duncan a sizable sum in spousal support or alimony in addition to child support for their two kids.

On the other hand, several individuals have expressed worry about how the divorce will affect Blake and Four, Brighton and Duncan’s children. Reddit users have reportedly questioned how the kids are adjusting to the changes in their family dynamics, especially given that they are so young and impressionable, according to Celeb Critics. After their divorce, several people have questioned how Brighton and Duncan will manage to juggle their employment obligations with their parental responsibilities.


Everyone facing a separation or divorce can experience extreme pain and issue, especially whenever there are youngsters involved. As a result, a lot of people want to know how Brighton and Duncan are handling the psychological and practical difficulties of their divorce.

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of information regarding their feelings or their divorce-related activities. However, we can conclude from their social media posts that they are attempting to maintain their optimistic attitude and give their attention to their family and job.

For instance, on June 12, 2023, Brighton uploaded a photo to Instagram of herself grinning with her kids and wrote, “Feeling so grateful for these two today.” Additionally, she shared a video of herself and her daughter Blake dancing on TikTok with the message, “Dancing our way through the week.” These posts imply that Brighton is enjoying life’s basic joys and spending quality time with her kids.

The same can be said for Duncan, who on July 10, 2023, uploaded a photo of himself and his son Four to Instagram along with the remark, “My little buddy.” Additionally, he shared a video of himself and his friends playing golf on TikTok with the comment, “Golfing with the boys .” These posts show that Duncan and his son are developing a close relationship and participating in one other’s interests.


Finally, a lot of people are interested in Brighton and Duncan’s future plans following their divorce. Will they keep pursuing their professions and passions? Will they discover fresh love and joy? Will they continue to be coparents and friends?

sadly we do not have the answers to these issues considering these are personal and private difficulties that only individuals can deal with. We can only hope that they will constantly emphasise what is most beneficial for the children they have and find joy and fulfilment in whatever they want to undertake.

We wish Brighton and Duncan the best of luck in their divorce procedures and future pursuits. We also hope that their supporters will keep them in their thoughts and prayers during this trying time and respect their privacy.

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