What Happens When Someone Falls in Love with Delhi Call Girls?

Time had gone when escort work was seen as dirty work as society’s thinking has changed. Unlike in previous decades, sex workers are given proper respect, and their work is considered normal. Although we know how beneficial companionship of these girls is for having physical pleasure, they are also a wonderful option for boosting mental health.

Hundreds of people even fall in love with Delhi Call Girls only after meeting a couple of times with them. If you are one of them, we strongly suggest checking this article and attaining what Call Girls feel about it. We have talked with a few top babes of this industry to find out their feelings.

  • Kiara Loves Romantic Connection with True Gentleman

Kiara is one of the most sought escort girls in Delhi’s adult industry, and she believes in staying as professional as possible with their clients. However, this girl has openly admitted to making a romantic connection with a couple of genuine people who were true about themselves.

These clients don’t see them as just banging bodies and want to make true love. Whenever she met such a client, this girl always made sure those people lived with happy hearts. Many have fallen in love with them, and a couple of them has proposed for marriage.

According to Kiara, making a romantic connection is enough because she doesn’t want a relationship. This girl believes in enjoying complete freedom and can’t fulfil any commitment.

  • Monika Felt Shocked with Confession of Her Client

The second confession we have written in this post is about Monika, who has been an escort for nearly 5 years. She always loves when a client gives them deep penetration, but most of the time it doesn’t happen at all. Most people have stamina of fewer than 5 minutes which doesn’t give the desired pleasure.

She has told us the story of a young boy who hardly lasts a few minutes with her. However, this man comes again to meet her multiple times in the next few weeks. The biggest shock of these meetings came when he admitted her love to me and wished to marry them. She never thought even in dreams that someone would love her madly after knowing what kind of work she does for earning.

Despite having almost 7 years gap between her, they both start dating that is still going good for almost 3 months now. She accepted her proposal with the condition that he won’t stop her from working as an escort until their marriage date gets fixed. He agreed on it without saying anything. Monika thinks she might marry her next year if things stay like this.


What do you feel after knowing about the wild confessions of these Delhi call girls? We need to understand that everyone has a choice to live with their rules. So, giving proper respect to girls of all professions is the best thing that we can do for them.

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