American voice actor and renowned actor Jonathan Roumie is most recognised for playing Jesus in the crowdfunded television series The Chosen. Both fans and reviewers have praised his performance, and he was awarded the Grace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance on Television for it. What about his private life, though? Is he a married man or not? And when did he get married, if he is married? Everything you need to know about the wife and marriage of Jonathan Roumie is provided here.


The information regarding Jonathan Roumie’s marital status is murky and subject to varying reports, thus the answer to this question is not simple. Some websites, like wifebio.com, claim that Jonathan Roumie has been wed to Hannah Vanorman since June 2020. The report claims that the couple, who first met when Jonathan was already a well-known actor, decided to keep their relationship private and low-key. The website additionally has a photograph of Jonathan and Hannah grasping fingers and beaming.

However, some sites, including thelittlefacts.com, claim that Jonathan Roumie is not and has never been married. According to the website, he is now single as well and has talked about why he hasn’t found the ideal person in a few interviews. The website also implies that, for whatever reason, he might have discovered the proper individual but decided not to tell anyone.

Who then is being truthful? Hannah Vanorman and Jonathan Roumie are they wed or not? However, Jonathan himself is yet to verify or refute either of these says, thus there is not a clear response to that query. He did not share photographs or videos of his wife or girlfriend on social media, nor has he discussed them in any of his podcasts or interviews. He seems to be quite private with his private matters and reticent to discuss facts with people or the media.

Why is Jonathan Rohme’s love life so private?

Jonathan Roumie may be keeping his love life so private in order to preserve his privacy and prevent any drama or unwelcome attention. Being a well-known actor can draw a lot of attention and criticism from those who might not share his opinions or decisions, especially when that actor plays a role as important as Jesus’. He might be attempting to protect his girlfriend from any potential injury or harassment by keeping their relationship a secret.

Jonathan Roumie’s desire to concentrate on his work and faith could be another factor in his extreme secrecy regarding his romantic relationships. As a devoted Catholic, he has said in multiple interviews that playing Jesus has strengthened his relationship with God. Additionally, he has stated that he wishes to share the love and hope that Jesus taught by using his platform and abilities. He might believe that disclosing details about his romantic relationships would divert attention from his goals and objectives or compromise the sincerity of his presentation of Jesus.


What is known about Hannah Vanorman, assuming Jonathan Roumie is her husband? Regretfully, not much. As previously said, the vast majority of information available on the internet on her is conjecture or hearsay. Nonetheless, the following are some details about her that we know:

  • She’s a female.
  • Since June 2020, she and Jonathan Roumie have been married.
  • She enjoys taking trips all around the world with her spouse.
  • She supports her husband’s choice to delay having children.
  • She backs her husband’s faith and profession.

That is essentially all the information available on Jonathan Roumie’s wife, Hannah Vanorman. Hopefully, Jonathan will share more details about his romantic life and introduce us to his spouse in the future. We appreciate his privacy in the interim and wish him well in all of his personal and professional pursuits.

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