What Are the Advantages of High Potency CBD Products?

CBD use is growing rapidly, and more people are learning about its benefits daily. Different kinds of CBD products are available including oils, tinctures and gummies, but one factor most people don’t consider is potency.

For many, the advantages of using high-potency CBD products are critical to their wellness. But what do they mean? What advantages do they yield? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does High Potency Mean?

When we talk about “high potency CBD products,” we’re referring to products with a very high concentration of CBD. It means that the product has a higher concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) compared to other compounds.

CBD potency is measured in milligrams per serving. While there is no standard measure for “strong” CBD, experts consider high strength at least 50 mg of CBD/mL serving.

So what does high potency mean for you? You’ll get more benefits from your CBD product with fewer servings. You’ll also need less of an investment to see results—which is great news if you’re on a budget or want to try out a new supplement before buying more.

Advantages of High Potency CBD Products

High potency CBD benefits include:

  1. Have Higher Bioavailability

In addition to being more effective, high-potency CBD products have higher bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance absorbed by your body.

Essentially, if you take 10 mg of a substance, but only 5 mg is absorbed into your bloodstream, then its bioavailability is 50%.

With high dose CBD oil, most of it will get into your bloodstream quickly, and its effects will be more effective.

  1. You Use Less CBD but Still Get the Same Effects

The more potent your product, the more CBD you get out of it, even with a smaller dose. That’s why high-potency CBD products are better than low-potency ones—in most cases, they take less of the product to deliver a powerful effect.

You may find yourself using more CBD with a lower potency product and getting an undesirable effect, such as feeling sleepy or unfocused instead of energized and focused.

No matter how much or how little CBD you take each day, when you choose a product with high levels of purity and potency, you will enjoy increased efficacy over time due to increased absorption rates.

  1. Less Hassle With Dosage

Since high potency CBD products contain more CBD per serving, you don’t need to take high-dosage CBD oil to get the same effects. Hence, suitable for use on the go.

  1. It May Help You Save Money

High potency products are more cost-effective than using low-potency CBD. This can be especially true if you only need to use a small amount of CBD.

For example, if you purchase a 500 mg bottle of hemp extract containing 25% total cannabinoids, the bottle will contain 125 mg of cannabinoids per serving. Most people only need about 10 mg per serving to feel the effects of their chosen strain or product. Therefore, they could get several servings out of one bottle before reordering.

If you buy the 3000mg CBD high-strength product, it will last you several weeks while getting the best out of it on a budget.

The 3000mg CBD oil effects include:

  • Enhancing mood
  • Better sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Boosted energy

High concentration CBD oil offers improved value without sacrificing quality or effectiveness when it comes time for you to make your next purchase decision.

Final Thoughts

High potency CBD products from a CBD store are the best option for you if you plan to use CBD for your condition. They have higher bioavailability, which means they are more efficient than other types of CBD products. They are not only more effective but also cheaper and more versatile than lower-concentration products.

However, consult your doctor if it’s your first time using CBD.

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