Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From An Earthen Pot

Have you drunk water from earthen pots ever? If yes, then you probably know about its health benefits. Drinking water from clay or earthen pot brings a lot of therapeutic effects.

Earlier, when refrigerators were not used, earthen pots were used to store water. It keeps the water cool naturally. It is old age practice that is not only an alternative to bottles or glass but also beneficial for health to adopt.

Read more to know about the amazing benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot.

  1. Cooling properties

On summer days, all people want to drink cool water. This is the reason why today refrigerants are available in every house, as they keep the water cool for drinking. Even refrigerants keep the water cool all time, but it does not have health benefits.

The cooling properties of earthen pots are beneficial for us. Storing water in earthen pots helps to keep the water naturally cool. The earthen pots have tiny pores on their surface and quickly evaporate water from these pores. This evaporation process by earthen pots ensures that the heat of the water inside the pot is come out and lowers the water temperature stored in the pot.

In this way, it helps humans to regulate their body temperature and prevent heat stroke on summer days. Drinking water from an earthen pot also gives you a natural and refreshing taste that soothes hot summer days.

  1. Boost metabolism

Water kept in earthen pots is devoid of different types of chemicals and helps to boost the metabolism. If you want to add more energy to your body and boost your metabolism, then you should drink water from earthen pots. Moreover, it also improves the digestion system through minerals that consist of water stored in an earthen pot.

  1. Alkaline in nature

Today, most of the food we eat consists of acid and lead toxins in the body. Earthen pots are made up of clay that is of alkaline nature. Such components are able to interact with acidic food and keep the right PH balance in your body. The alkaline nature of these pots neutralizes the effect of water acidity and reduces your digestive issues.

So, keeping the gastric and acidic related problems at a low level is only possible by drinking water from an earthen pot. Hence, drinking water from earthen pots balances the PH levels of the body and supports better health.

  1. Gentle on throat

Today, refrigerators replace clay pots due to more cooling abilities. But people are unaware of the drawbacks of drinking water from a refrigerator. Drinking water from the refrigerator cause soreness and itching in the throat.

Here the vital role of earthen pots comes in. Water in earthen pots has an ideal temperature that is gentle on the throat and does not aggravate cough.

  1. Prevents sunstroke

Sunstroke is considered a common problem at the time of scorching summer days. Drinking water from earthen pots helps you to combat sunstroke because it keeps the rich nutrients and minerals in the water. As a result, it helps you to rehydrate quickly.

  1. Natural purifier

Earthen pots not only keep the water cool but also purifies it naturally. The microporous texture blocks water contaminants and makes it safe for humans to drink. In this way, it improves the water quality that you drink.

The porous nature of an earthen pot allows the toxins and impurities to filter out, giving you pure and clean water. Earthen pots are free of chemicals and do not have harmful substances on its surface. It means there is no risk of drinking water from clay pots.

  1. Eco friendly

Using an earthen or clay pot to drink water is an eco-friendly option. Unlike metal or plastic bottles, earthen pots are biodegradable and do not cause environmental pollution. It means it is easy to degrade the matkas if they break. It is a sustainable option for us that is reused easily and does not require disposal after its use.


Next time, when you want to drink refreshing water on hot summer days, you should be considered drinking water from an earthen pot, clay pot, or matka. You will surely enjoy the above benefits if you use an earthen pot for drinking water.

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