Want to keep your dog happy and healthy? Here’s everything you need to know

As a dog parent, you want to ensure your pet is always happy and healthy, so you must learn how to achieve this. Your dog’s health greatly influences its behavior, and you will see that a healthy pet will always be cheerful and want to play and run, while a sick dog will exhibit a low mood and develop behavior problems. The good news is that in most cases, providing the right diet, playing with them and ensuring they exercise regularly will keep them in good shape. And this way, you will also improve your life because if your dog has so much energy, it is hard to resist not joining them in countless playful activities. Having a dog is not as easy as some might think because you have a lot of responsibilities, but the connection created between the two of you will be worth it.

Here is everything you need to know to maintain your little buddy happy and healthy.

Make sure your dog exercises regularly

Exercising regularly is as important for dogs as it is for humans, and your pet should have the chance to run freely and walk every day. While it is good to play indoors, the best way to ensure good movement is to go outside, where they can explore a bigger space and enjoy fresh air, which will increase their overall energy. You also must research information about your dog breed, as some require more exercise than others, and you need to know these facts to provide the right alternatives.

Besides exercising, ensure that your dog has good nutrition because it will influence the way in which they behave. The good news is that today the pet food processing industry offers many choices for pet nutrition and food is made following the required regulations to guarantee an improved quality. So, finding the best option is not as hard as some years ago. 

Provide a proper diet

As mentioned above, nutrition is essential for your pet’s health, and you need to provide a proper diet depending on your dog’s breed, age, size or any other health particularities. Also, you must learn about pet nutrition to avoid mistakes that could endanger your dog’s health. Dogs need food rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to make them healthy and energetic, so you must check these aspects when buying food. Water is also important, so they should always have fresh water available at any hour of the day. As the animal feed industry has greatly developed in recent years, so have the products you find in pet shops. And because of that, you might wonder what to choose between the endless alternatives and plenty of dry and wet food options. Regarding this, you need to know that dry food is always good for any dog, but wet one can ease the eating and digestive processes for those older or with tooth problems. 

Visit the vet 

As it is better to be safe than sorry, you must schedule regular health examinations at the vet. Especially in the first months, taking your pet to the veterinarian is crucial to get all the vaccinations that will prevent potential diseases. Plus, these checks will uncover any problems in your dog’s health, which can greatly benefit them as an early-stage illness is always easier to treat. Your dog’s vet will also help you with information regarding what diet is the best and what quantity suits their everyday meals.

Train your pet

Training your dog will bring advantages for both of you. Your dog will know how to behave properly, and you, as an owner, will have more control over them and avoid possible conflicts with other dogs on the streets. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog, so reward them whenever your little buddy does something right. Plus, with the help of training, your dog will trust you more, and you will develop a stronger bond. 

Offer Affection

Yes, exercising, training and providing a good diet is vital for your best friend, but so is the affection you need to offer. And because they are affectionate animals, in most cases, they need more devotion than other pets, like cats, for example, who are known for not liking human love too much. But your dog is the opposite of that because there is no time during the day when they will refuse some of the much-awaited belly rubs. Dogs love physical affection, be it scratches behind their ears or long and soft strokes along the chest and back areas, so always give them the attention they seek. Although dogs love spending time with you, they also need space occasionally, so if your dog is overwhelmed or stressed, give them some time alone to relax. 

Final words

More than any pet, dogs need special care and love from you because you mean the world to them. And if you make sure you take all the measures described above, you will see that the bond between the two of you will become much stronger. Having a dog is always a blessing, and their advantages to your life are numerous, as they will make you more disciplined and happier, and offer support, even in the worst moments of your life. 

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