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Introducing  Vauhti Netticasino to you, a one-stop place for those looking for a casino that gives a sense of adrenaline rush with their super exciting and entertaining gaming experience in the slots and casinos, live. Let’s get started.

Speed ​​and technology are the prime things at vauhti, for which they are quite famous around Finland. . It can be seen in the fast and secured gateways of deposits, and withdrawals. The slots are designed in a way that player doesn’t have to worry about anything but focus only on the fun and adventures of playing! There are special features about vauhti to discuss which makes it best among its competing casinos. Let us see those features here in this article.

Responsible Gaming at Vauhti Netticasino

At Vauhti Netticasino players’ mental health and personal professional space are valued. Gaming should always be fun but not an addiction blurring lines between entertainment and obsession. They have determined to provide players with the most entertaining experience possible and prevent the development of gambling problems as mentioned above. Being a responsible and licensed gaming operator, vauhti has several tools for responsible gaming and helps players play with protection tools to set game limits and control the time you’ve spent on gaming and alert you to take a temporary break from playing and close your account automatically after a certain period. 

Limits can be set by the player himself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by deposit limit. With the deposit limit, you can control the deposits you make to your account during the selected period. If you try to remove or change the limit, it will only be accessible after 24 hours. After the 24-hour period has passed, you must confirm the withdrawal of the limit from the confirmation link that will be sent to you by e-mail. The limit is calculated immediately and your deposit limit for the next day or period is changed here. 

The reality check feature allows you to track the time spent playing and get an overview of the winnings for that session. The reality check can be set for a time of your choice. Activating a reality check is simple from the account and you can take help from vauhti staff on how to set it.

There is another feature to control gaming, called a Self-Exclusion lock if you feel that you are not in control of your gaming and need support to stop. At your request, Vauhti Netticasino will prevent you from using your account for the period you specify. After the Self-Exclusion period ends, your account will be reopened. If you want to cancel the Self-Exclusion lock before the end of the period, this can only be considered after an internal review by discussing reasons with the player, and the psychology team will assist and access this. It takes one day for the request to be accepted and the lock to be canceled.

Age Limit Responsibility 

Vauhti Netticasino accepts people over the age of 18 as its customers. To minimize gambling by minors, ID and other documents are asked for submission to ensure that the customer is under 18 years old. While a lot of time and resources are put to ensure that minors do not play their games, part of the responsibility falls on parents and players who are minors to take social responsibility and not involve in gambling slot online.

Apart from these services, vauhti offers details of organizations that offer help with responsible gaming. If you feel that you are having difficulty controlling your gambling, even after trying the adis at vauhti, they recommend you to contact one of the following organizations that offer help and more information. There is gambling therapy which offers online support for gamblers by offering psychiatric help. GamBlock helps if you want to refrain from gambling by blocking gaming websites

VIP membership at Vauhti Netticasino

There are more features to unlock at vauhti, by being a very special member, the VIP member. The casino’s VIP program has a lot to offer its VIP members, such as customized offers, and birthday special offers and you get your very own personal game account manager for handling your gaming.

To know more about Vauhti Netticasino‘s VIP benefits and you can email them for more information and you too can potentially become a VIP member. Here let us see the VIP membership usage terms which will be helpful before seeking the membership.

VIP terms of use

VIP level is awarded to players based on account activity and personal playing history. There are different membership levels of the VIP program here. Once you are eligible for being a part of VIP membership, the level you are selected for and details for becoming a member will be sent with email communication. With every one or two months, new levels can be unlocked. Inactive accounts, self-banned accounts, or unverified accounts will lose their VIP status subjectively.

Membership is by invitation only. You may not transfer your invitation or program membership to anyone else. Each level has its rewards distinctive from others. You may cancel or terminate your membership at any time. Any illegal activities performed using VIP membership, if suspected, being a licensed gaming repute, Vauhti Netticasino is capable of terminating and black listing your account ever from playing online slots and casinos, and the decision to cancel your membership is at Vauhti casino’s sole discretion and is not open to review or appeal.

By participating in the program, you are expected and presumed to have accepted these VIP terms. If these VIP terms and conditions conflict with other prize terms, the prize terms and conditions will apply. Giving a player membership is solely the casino’s decision and they have their criteria to decide who is eligible and who is not. All you can do is signup for free and give your best.

The type and frequency of distribution of membership gifts, including birthday bonuses and prizes, are at Vauhti casino’s discretion and no complaints can be filed on these rules set by vauhti. Its always recommended reading all terms before opting for membership.

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