TruLife Distribution: How Natural Product Businesses Can Sell To Retail Stores

If you’re like most natural product businesses, you’re probably itching to get your products into the hands of consumers. Selling directly to consumers, however, is not as easy as it seems. Natural product retailers are skittish about stocking anything that isn’t a brand they can trust. Even more so than other categories in the retail space, selling directly to consumers can be a challenge for many natural product companies.

However, selling through retail stores is not impossible for natural product businesses; it just requires some extra work and planning on the part of both the retailer and the business. If you’re ready to see how selling your products through major retail stores can help grow your business, keep reading for some easy but effective tips.

Know The Challenges That Retail Stores Have Selling Natural Products

Natural products are in high demand among consumers, but there are still a lot of skeptics, especially in the general retail world. That’s why you can’t just show up at your desired store and start selling. You’ll need to first find out what challenges your chosen store is facing with selling your products. By doing this, you can avoid falling into the same trap and come out on top. Here are some of the main challenges that retailers face when selling natural products:

  • Lack of trust in the category: Unlike other retail categories, natural products are still a bit of a mystery to many consumers. Stores don’t know what to make of them, leaving them feeling unsure and uncomfortable, so your business needs to do its best to change its perception.
  • Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are high: Most retailers struggle with high CAC, and this is a major roadblock for stores that primarily focus on selling natural products. To overcome CAC, you’ll want to investigate the various marketing channels your target stores offer.

Know What Retail Shops Will Take Natural Products

Next, you need to know what retail stores will take natural products. This will help you choose the right retailers and avoid jumping into a retail channel that doesn’t make sense for your business. To select the right retail stores, start by looking at the types of products your target stores carry.

For that matter, you’ll want to focus on the top-selling items in your category and choose retailers that primarily carry these products. Once you’ve identified these major retailers, you need to look at their product assortment. You’re most concerned with what items the store doesn’t carry so you can avoid competing with them in the future.

To get a good idea of what natural products your target stores don’t carry, look at the website of the store you identified and take note of what products aren’t available. Then, look at what other products the store carries to get a better idea of the types of products they don’t carry. You can also contact the store owner and ask them directly.

Reach Out To Retailers Before You Launch New Products

Many retailers are hesitant to stock a new product from a natural product business, even if it’s been on the market for a while. Many retailers won’t stock a new product until they’ve had an opportunity to sell some of the product from the previous offering.

However, many retailers are hesitant to stock new products for a reason – many natural products brands struggle to scale their businesses. Without enough sales, there is simply no profit. When starting a new product line, you want to avoid having to scale your business at the same time. If you launch a few new products and sell enough to cover the costs, you can focus on scaling the whole business.

The best way to avoid this scaling issue is to reach out to retailers before you launch new natural products. Let them know what kinds of natural products you’re launching and see if they’d be interested in stocking them. If they are, you can save yourself a lot of scaling issues by launching your new natural products through these retailers.

Set Up Standard Operating Procedures For Shipped Inventory

Some retailers want to see proof that your products are authentic before they take them on. To avoid this, you’ll want to set up standard operating procedures for shipped inventory to ensure that any product that is coming into your business is inspected thoroughly. This will help you avoid problems with retailers who are skeptical of your products and will also help you prove that your products are authentic.

A good rule of thumb is for you to have a third-party inspection company sign off on any natural products you’re selling through major retail stores. This will help you prove that your natural products are indeed authentic and help you avoid issues with retailers who are skeptical of selling natural products in general.

Use Social Media To Drive More Traffic And Boost Your Sales

Lastly, social media has become an essential marketing tool for all major retailers. It’s a great place to share product reviews, provide insights into new products and make connections with your target audience.

When selling your natural products to retailers, you can use social media to drive more traffic to your website. This will help you gain new customers and build your natural products brand. However, some social media platforms are better suited for this purpose than others, so you’ll want to do your research.

A good place to start is by investigating what social media channels your target retailers actively use. You’ll want to focus on the channels that best fit your natural product and brand to give you a good idea of what channels you’ll want to focus on. Finally, be sure to read the comments on the natural products that you intend to sell through major retailers to see what your target audience is saying.

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Selling directly to consumers can be a great way to boost your sales and get your natural products into the hands of new customers, but it’s easy when you know the best ways to achieve this. With a bit of research, a little planning, and the right social media channels, you can successfully sell your products to major retailers. You can check out TruLife Distribution now to learn how they succeeded in putting their natural products on the shelves of major retail shops!

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