Top 5 Tips For Transitioning To Remote Work

The pandemic made remote work more accessible. If you’re just getting on board to work outside of the office, here are our best tips for making sure you are productive and efficient. Customize Zoom background to fit your style and personality or use a plain background with a logo until you get to know your team.

Maintaining A Schedule

Even if work doesn’t require a certain schedule, a routine can help you stay on track to get all your work done. Wake up at a certain time. Start work at the same time while you’re getting used to working remotely. End work at the same time each day. Keep track of your schedule, just in case you ever need to justify your time to HR or to your boss.

Managing Your Tasks Remotely

Use a project management tool to stay on top of all your responsibilities. Go old school with a to-do list that you can check off as you finish tasks each day. Work on the hardest stuff earliest in the day when you’re ready to tackle the day’s work. Don’t put your tasks on autopilot. Make sure you’re accomplishing something every day.

Keep Up With Your Community

Working remotely can be lonely. Check in with teammates using a virtual background with logo. Plan a lunch date with a local colleague. Get outside with your canine buddy. Plan activities after work like you would if you were in the office. Grab a beer during happy hour. Go to the gym with your friends. You may not have a commute, so use that time to do something with your family or friends.

Take Breaks

When you’re working from home, you might forget to get up and move around like you would at the office. Take five-minute breaks to stretch each hour. Take your 15-minute and lunch breaks away from your desk. Eat on your patio if you can. Working remotely does not mean you’re glued to the computer from the start of the day until you finish. Keep to a routine so your colleagues and boss know when to find you. Schedule meetings with Zoom using an office background free and make sure you are on time when meetings start.

Separate Work and Home

Working remotely can feel as if you’re always on call. It’s up to you to set boundaries around your life. If you used to have email on your phone, stop the notifications when you aren’t working. Don’t answer texts or calls from colleagues unless it’s absolutely necessary. Make sure your teammates know that you’ll be on again the next day and you’ll take care of things when you start work. If you can keep your work in an office, close the door at the end of the day. If not, find a way to put your computer away for the evening so it isn’t a distraction.

Give yourself time to make the transition. The first few days might be the most difficult, so don’t get frustrated right away.

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