Top 5 Best Rituals for a Sound Sleep

Somnologists emphasize that sleep doesn’t come the moment we go to bed at night. It’s necessary to prepare for sleep – to put aside all daytime worries, to relax mentally and physically.

One of the most effective ways to adjust to sleep are the evening rituals. Firstly, psychologists and somnologists advise some quiet activities, like meditation, reading, or even playing slow-paced games at a real money online casino NZ, that will help slow down and relax. Secondly, a set of such routines, if performed day after day, will certainly become associated with sleep. We have collected the best practices.

Why It’s Important to Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep is bad for your health – a meta-analysis of 72 scientific papers found that sleep disturbances and too much sleep can indicate the development of inflammatory diseases. According to scientists from Chicago, lack of sleep leads to obesity, increased blood sugar and the development of type 2 diabetes. Another paper highlights the link between improper sleep and decreased protective functions of the body.

In another study, which involved over a million people from 30 to 102, scientists dealt with how the duration of sleep affects the risk of premature death. They found that, on average, adults who slept less than 4.5 or over 8.5 hours per night had a 15% increased risk of dying prematurely. Those who consistently get 7 hours of sleep have the lowest health risk.

A Bath With Oils, Salt, or Foam

The bathing procedure itself is relaxing. And if you add oils or foam with a certain fragrance or extract to the water, you get a double effect.

The most effective for relaxation are lavender, mint, and melissa.

Evening Care

Applying makeup before going to bed is also a good soothing ritual. The effect will be greater if you take cosmetics with aroma oils. For example, hand cream or body milk. In addition, you can massage your face – it will help to relax the muscles that have been strained during the day.

You can go to sleep in a sleep mask with lavender. To do this, make a hole in the mask and put dried flowers there. Another option is to drop a drop of essential oil on the mask daily before going to bed.

Anti-stress Tea 

Doctors do not recommend drinking coffee or black tea at night. But then what should you drink? No, not green tea – but herbal tea.

Many manufacturers produce soothing “evening” herbal gatherings. They include the above-mentioned mint and lemon balm.

Reading or Other Quiet Activity

In contrast to cosmetics and facial massage, quiet activities before bedtime are a recommendation for anyone and everyone. Somnologists advise putting away your phone a few hours before bed and doing something quiet and without gadgets. For example, read, embroider, or do a puzzle.

If Necessary, Pick up Vitamins or Supplements

Consult your doctor and select vitamins or supplements. For example, the systematic use of 5-HTP significantly increases concentration, reduces anxiety, and decreases stress.

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