Renowned for his colourful lyricism and narrative abilities, King Von was a rising sensation in the rap world. “Took Her to the O,” one of his most well-known tracks, was published in 2020 and quickly went viral. The song tells the dramatic tale of how King Von met a stripper, took her to his area, and eventually shot her lover. But what does the title and meaning of the song actually mean? Here are some fascinating facts regarding the song “Took Her to the O” and the significance behind the lyrics.

Identify the O

O’Block, an infamous South Side housing project in Chicago, goes by the moniker “The O.” Many gang members, including King Von and his allies, call O’Block home. Odee Perry, a gang member who was murdered in 2011 and who went on to become a legend among his peers, is the source of the moniker O’Block. King Von demonstrated his allegiance to and pride in his hood by frequently referencing Odee Perry and O’Block in his songs.


King Von chose to take the woman, who is a dancer, to the O after meeting her in a store. The stripper hails from Kankakee, an Illinois city approximately one hour’s drive from Chicago, according to Genius1. She was a “ho,” according to King Von, who wanted to smoke some pot with him. Additionally, he claims to have had oral sex with her, or “some top.”


The stripper, who also happens to be King Von’s rival gang member, has a lover named Duck. Duck is an acronym for FBG Duck, a rapper who was a member of the Gangster Disciples, a group engaged in conflict with King Von’s Black Disciples gang. Another well-known rapper in Chicago was FBG Duck, who was well-known for his trash tracks directed against O’Block rappers like King Von. A few months after King Von’s publication of “Took Her to the O,” FBG Duck passed away in 2020.

During the song, what happened?

The story of how King Von met Duck while driving the stripper to the O is told in the song. King Von claims to have witnessed Duck smack the stripper after getting out of a truck and running to his automobile. After giving Duck two shots, King Von drove off with the stripper. In addition, he claims that because the stripper saw the gunshot, it was against the guidelines for him to bring her along.

Why is this song so well-liked?

The song’s memorable chorus, realistic details, and contentious allusions are what make it so famous. The iconic and catchy line “Took Her to the O” is repeated in the chorus. The song’s detailed and realistic descriptions give the impression that the listeners are actually there to witness the occurrences. Both supporters and detractors have responded to the contentious and provocative allusions to Duck and Odee Perry.

The song also demonstrates King Von’s skill as a rapper and storyteller. He crafts a compelling and engrossing tale by utilising wordplay, rhyme, and flow. He also conveys emotion and intensity with his voice and delivery. The song exemplifies King Von’s distinct approach and talent, which won him recognition and respect in the rap scene.


With millions of views on YouTube2 and other streaming services, the song is among King Von’s most popular compositions. King Von’s rise to fame and recognition as a rapper was also aided by the song. Together with the “Crazy Story” series, the song is regarded as one of his signature tunes.

Sadly, King Von passed away in 2020, not long after he made his album “Welcome to O’Block” available. He was shot in Atlanta following a fight with the entourage of another rapper. Several fans and professional musicians paid tribute to him and his music after learning of his untimely and tragic demise.

The lyrics to “Took Her to the O” are not just text on a screen. They provide as a window into King Von’s life, hardships, triumphs, and legacy. They also highlight his creative ability and uniqueness as a storyteller and rapper. They will remain a part of his musical legacy via his followers and his music.

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