TISHA Campbell’s estimated net worth as of 2023

Tisha Campbell are an established American actress as well as musician whom has remained involved in the entertainment business for more than 40 years. Martin, My Partner as well as children, Little Shop of Horrors, and Dr. Ken among merely some of the more well-known television shows and movies that she starred as a performer. But what is her market value in 2023? And what are the elements that over time have impacted her net worth? We will examine Tisha Campbell’s net worth, profession, and personal life in this post.


As of 2023, Tisha Campbell’s net worth was estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be $500,000. For someone who has had such a great and prolonged career in Hollywood, this may seem quite modest. The fact that Tisha Campbell’s net worth is lower than anticipated is due to a number of factors.

One of the primary reasons is Tisha Campbell’s history of financial struggles, particularly throughout her marriage to Duane Martin. In its 2016 bankruptcy organising, the couple alleged they owned only $313,000 in assets and $15.1 million in debt. In addition, the IRS and creditors sued them for unpaid taxes and loans. After 22 years of marriage, Tisha Campbell filed for divorce from Duane Martin in 2018. She asked for spousal support and shared custody of their two sons, alleging that he had withheld millions of dollars from her and their creditors. The divorce was finalised in 2020, however there are still continuing financial issues.

Tisha Campbell’s lack of recent entertainment industry activity is another factor contributing to her modest net worth. She has played recurring roles on a few TV series, although none of them were particularly lucrative or long-lasting. These include Empire, The Bold and the Beautiful, Last Man Standing, and Outmatched. In low-budget films and TV shows including The J Team, Every Breath She Takes, and Be Someone, she has also acted. She has worked together with other performers and performed a few songs, however she hadn’t put forth an entirely new album since 1993.


Tisha Campbell’s career began at the age of six, when she made an appearance on the PBS programme The Big Blue Marble. She later went on to play the lead in several kids’ shows, including Kids Are People Too, Unicorn Tales, and Captain Kangaroo. She also sang at jazz concerts and won numerous talent shows.

Tisha Campbell made her acting debut as Chiffon in the musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors at the age of 17. She obtained an important role on the NBC drama Rags to Riches after coming to Hollywood, which ran for one season. In subsequent films like School Daze, Rooftops, Another 48 Hours, Boomerang, and Sprung, she continued to make an appearance.

In the comedic movie House Party, in which Kid ‘n Play and Tisha Campbell both starred, Sidney served as her breakout role. For her portrayal, she was nominated for a Best Supporting Female Independent Spirit Award. In the two follow-up films, House Party 2 and House Party 3, she returned to the role.

The Fox sitcom Martin, which starred Martin Lawrence as her husband, featured Tisha Campbell in the most well-known role of her career as Gina Waters-Payne. From 1992 through 1997, the programme had five seasons because it was so popular. Tisha Campbell, however, departed the programme before the last season because she had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Martin Lawrence. Later, she reached an undisclosed settlement outside of court.

The next significant role for Tisha Campbell was Janet “Jay” Marie Johnson-Kyle on the ABC comedy My Wife and Kids, in which Damon Wayans played her husband. The programme, which ran from 2001 to 2005 for five seasons, was likewise immensely popular. For her work, Tisha Campbell received an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.

Rita Rocks, The Protector, Dr. Ken, Harley Quinn (voice), Inside Job (voice), Uncoupled (coming), and Cobblestone (coming) are just a few of the TV shows Tisha Campbell has had recurring parts on. She has also made appearances in episodes of shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Craig of the Creek (voice), The Finest (pilot), Coloured My Mind (executive producer), Aaliyah, Soul Train Awards (producer/co-producer), and more.

Tisha Campbell, a vocalist, released two studio albums: Tisha (1993) and I’m Done (2019). She has also worked on a number of single releases with other performers, such as Will Smith, MC Lyte, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Full Force, B.o.B., Rich The Kid, and more.


Tisha Campbell was born in Oklahoma City on October 13, 1968.. Her parents, vocalists Mona and Clifton Campbell, brought her up in Newark, New Jersey. Jermaine, Tiara, Tessia, Tony, and Tikeyah are her five siblings. She was a student at Washington Academy of Music and Newark Arts High School.

On August 17, 1996, Tisha Campbell wed actor Duane Martin. Xen (born 2001) and Ezekiel (born 2009) are their two boys. Tisha Campbell is an advocate for autism awareness and research, and Xen has autism. She has also admitted that a family friend who was watching her when she was three years old assaulted her.

In 2018, Tisha Campbell announced her intention to divorce Duane Martin due to their irreconcilable disagreements. She claimed he was abusive and had hidden wealth. The divorce was finalised in 2020, but there is still no agreement on the finances. In addition, Tisha Campbell asserted that she suffers from sarcoidosis, a lung condition that inflames different organs. She has claimed that diet and exercise help her control her disease.

A group called Diva Simply Singing, which raises money for minority AIDS causes, has Tisha Campbell as a member. The American Cancer Society, the National Coalition Over Family Violence, the Blood Disorders Organisation of the US, and other charitable organisations and causes make up the causes and groups she supports.


Tisha Campbell is a gifted and varied vocalist and actress with more than 40 years of industry experience. Martin, My Wife and Kids, Little Shop of Horrors, and Dr. Ken represent only a few of the most well-known movies and television programmes which she has starred as a performer. The difficulties and failures she experienced in her personal and financial life are having a bearing on her net worth. Tisha Campbell’s net worth is projected to be $500k as of 2023.

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