The tallest and most imposing structure in California is the B67 TV Tower

If adrenaline is precisely what you’re aiming for, you might want to check out the B67 TV Tower in Walnut Grove, California. At 2,049 feet, this colossal structure is the most prevalent in California and among the largest in the world for carrying radio and television signals. Just be warned—this is not an atmosphere for the faint of spirit. The tower has no safety precautions, is unstable, and has been abandoned. It has only been climbed by the most courageous and audacious individuals, some of whom have paid a fatal price.

The B67 TV Tower’s History

In 2000, two broadcasting companies, KXTV and KOVR, formed a joint venture to construct the B67 TV Tower. Better coverage and signal quality for the Sacramento region and beyond were goals when designing the tower. The KXTV/KOVR radio tower and the Sacramento Joint Venture Tower were other names for the structure.

But as newer technology appeared and the need for analogue communications decreased, the tower quickly became outdated. The tower went out of service and abandoned to collapse in the middle of the desert in 2010. It failed to finish because it would have been too pricey and risky to take down and remove the tower. As a reminder of the past, a feat of human engineering, and a draw for adventure seekers, the tower still stands today.


Two friends decided to take on the task of climbing the B67 TV Tower in 2023, which turned out to be one of the most terrible events at the building. The buddies, Becky and Hunter, were thrill-seekers who loved climbing and had reached several summits. They were mistaken to believe that the B67 TV Tower would be a simple task.

There were damaged sections, loose cables, and rusty metal all over the tower. There were no safety nets, ladders, or guard rails on the tower either. There was only one way up and down: ropes and harnesses. After spending several hours scaling the tower, Becky and Hunter arrived at the summit, only to quickly discover that they had made a grave error.

The tower was swaying and shaking from the strong wind that was blowing from such a great altitude. They were stuck at the top with nowhere to go since the ropes they had used to ascend were frayed and broke. Their phones were dead silent when they attempted to contact for assistance. They had little chance of rescue because they were stranded on a 2,000-foot tower.

They suffered from exposure, starvation, and dehydration for two days while stranded on the tower. In addition, they had to live with the continual fear of dying from a fall or a collapsed skyscraper. In the hopes that someone would discover them or their remains, they documented their ordeal on their phones. Their sorrow, anxiety, and desperation were all evident in their footage.

Hunter made the bold decision to attempt sliding down one of the ropes that ran up the side of the tower on the third day. He hoped he could make it to the ground without incident, or at least draw nearer to assistance. He bid Becky farewell with a kiss and a declaration of love. Then he secured himself to the cable and descended.

But his plan went horribly wrong. The cable sliced through his garments and harness because it was excessively thin and pointed. He screamed as he fell to his death from the tower after losing his hold. A vehicle passing by discovered his body and reported it to the police.

Devastated by both her own fate and Hunter’s passing, Becky was left by herself atop the tower. She was aware that her chances of surviving were slim. She also made the decision to terminate her agony by plunging from the tower. In a farewell video message that she recorded for her loved ones, she expressed her regret for her mistake. She then leaped off the tower to end her own life.

Their phones and bodies were discovered by the authorities when they arrived.  Additionally, they discovered their automobile parked close to the tower’s base with a sign that said, “We are climbing the B67 TV Tower.” See you shortly. Their story garnered national attention and spurred discussion over the safety and legality of scaling such structures.


Even now, the B67 TV Tower serves as a sombre reminder of what transpired with Becky and Hunter. To discourage anyone from trying to climb the tower, it has been gated off and marked with warning signs. However, some people, perhaps out of curiosity or daring, try to ascend the tower in spite of the warnings.

The authorities have worked to increase security surrounding the tower over the years and have taken a handful of trespassers into custody. The tower’s demolition or disassembly has also been contemplated, but some groups oppose it, claiming it is a historical landmark and a memorial for Becky and Hunter.

In addition, the tower has drawn the attention of researchers, journalists, and filmmakers who wish to chronicle its mystery and history. Fall, a suspenseful thriller that dramatises the events of Becky and Hunter’s ascent and demise, is among the most well-known films about the tower. After its 2023 premiere, the movie became popular on Netflix.

The B67 TV Tower is an eerie and fascinating building that both draws and repels people. It is proof of human creativity, ambition, and stupidity. It’s a place where death can linger forever, where life can expire in an instant, and where dreams can turn into nightmares.

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