The Sacramento car accident involving Chris Jarosz was a tragic loss for the restaurant industry.


Chris Jarosz was a well-known restauranteur in Sacramento and the co-owner of Bones Craft Kitchen, Broderick Roadhouse, and Anonimo Pizza. He had also helped to open the Oak Park Brewery and Localis, a Michelin-starred restaurant in midtown, and was a previous president of the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association.

In addition to his commitment to the Sacramento restaurant scene and his talent for producing “craveable” food that lifted straightforward recipes to new heights, Jarosz was renowned for his cheerful and outgoing demeanour. He opened numerous prosperous restaurants throughout the area thanks to his love of hospitality and financial acumen.


On the morning of May 25, 2023, a single-vehicle collision sadly claimed Jarosz’s life. The event happened on Highway 50 close to 51st Street, which is a busy construction zone.

Sacramento Jarosz, according to CBS Sacramento, was operating his SUV westbound on Highway 50 when he collided with a construction truck that was parked and hooked up to a trailer carrying arrow boards. Drivers were directed to the right by the caravan, which was turned on. Jarosz was not buckled in and was declared dead at the spot. The two workers who were inside the construction vehicle escaped without harm.

Speaking the officials of the Texas Motorway Patrol, the explanation as to wherefore Jarosz approached a path that was currently cut off is unidentified and the origin that caused the crash continues to be investigated examined.

The discovery of Jarosz’s passing stunned and suffered many in the restaurant trade since they recalled him as an honest, friendly and competent leader.

Note Condie, presently the president and boss in the California Food the Organisation, wrote an email on Facebook and said: “We were severely grieved today to learn of Chris’ passing away. It was in Chris’ nature to be a laid-back, personable, and likeable guy; he was a remarkable warm and pleasant person. He had been exceptionally committed to the Sacramento restaurant and to its staff. As we mourn our loss, our feelings are with his loved ones.

Owner of Mulvaney’s B&L in midtown, Patrick Mulvaney, claimed to have known Jarosz for more than 15 years. Jarosz, according to him, had a talent for being hospitable and making others feel welcome. Mulvaney stated, “He improved Sacramento.”

Numerous Jarosz’s eateries shared memorials to him on social media, offering condolences to his loved ones and thanking him for his leadership and vision. In remembrance of him, some of them also changed their hours or temporarily closed.


In the restaurant business, Jarosz established a legacy of creativity, brilliance, and compassion. His original innovations, which catered to a variety of patrons, helped Sacramento’s culinary sector expand and diversify. A relationship with Yolo County and Woodland Joint Unified School District allowed him to feed thousands of people during the pandemic. He also supported regional issues and activities.

Many individuals who knew him or loved his food will remember Jarosz as a brilliant businessman, a passionate chef, a generous mentor, and a valued friend. His restaurants will carry on serving his specialties and paying homage to him.

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