The controversial cosplayer who incited outrage on MOMOKUN PRETTY UGLY LITTLE LIARS

Cosplayer momokun pretty ugly little liars, also known as Mariah Mallad, has come under fire from her detractors for allegedly engaging in unethical behaviour such as lying, plagiarism, and sexual harassment. She was one of the most talked-about subjects on Pretty Ugly Little Liar (PULL), a website forum that revealed the scandals and secrets of famous people and online personalities. In 2020, PULL was shut down as a result of legal threats and disputes among the administrators and users.

The controversy surrounding momokun’s portrayal of Pretty Ugly Little Liars started in 2017, when she was charged with allegedly stealing designs and outfits from various cosplayers and artists, including Narga Lifestream, Kay Bear, and Sakimi Chan. She also received criticism for her inappropriate and sexualized cosplay of young people as characters like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s Kanna and Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon. Additionally, she received flak for her shoddy workmanship, lack of creativity, and extensive photo retouching.

When multiple people came out in 2018 accusing Momokun of sexual harassment and assault, her reputation suffered significantly. She was charged for caressing, kissing, and touching various costumes and participants illegally. She originally rejected the claims but eventually acknowledged that and claimed she actually suffered ADHD and bipolar disorder, that related to her erratic behaviour. She additionally blamed those she assaulted for postponing coming forward and alleged their actions were attempting to damage her career. On Instagram, she offered a public apologies but many people described it as dishonest and self-serving.

As she continued to be accused of plagiarising, lying, defrauding, and demeaning other cultures, Momokun remained a divisive figure in the cosplay world. She also got into a lot of fights with other influencers and cosplayers, like Jessica Nigri, Belle Delphine, and Vampy Bit Me. On her social media accounts, she frequently erased or blocked critical comments and sought to intimidate them with threats of legal action or financial inducement.

On PULL, where fans uncovered Momokun’s lies and scandals with images, videos, and receipts, she was one of the cosplayers who was most despised and ridiculed. They also criticised her for her behaviour, demeanour, and attractiveness. Some individuals even went so far as to harass her family and friends or dox her personal information. One of the only venues where Momokun’s detractors could speak freely without worrying about being silenced or being sued by her was PULL.

PULL, however, had some issues of its own. The website’s critics frequently accused it of being harmful, vile, obsessive, and hypocritical. Additionally, several users engaged in drama or disputes with one another or the moderators. The website has had legal problems from some of the famous people it targeted, like Margaret Palermo, the mother of Venus Angelic. Owner of the website Nyx declared in 2020 that PULL would be permanently closing down as a result of these factors.

On social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, OnlyFans, and Twitch, Momokun is still active. She still enjoys a devoted following that encourages her cosplay and material. She still has a lot of haters and detractors, though, who expose and ridicule her on various websites and forums. Momokun’s reputation as a cosplayer has been damaged by the scandals and issues that PULL exposed.

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