Have you ever required a fictitious address for privacy, verification, or testing? If so, you may have looked for a random address generator online or attempted to create one on your own. However, not every address generator is made equally. Some may provide you with obsolete or erroneous addresses, or they may even reveal your actual information to unaffiliated parties.

You therefore require Fakexy, the best programme available for creating fictitious addresses in the US, Canada, and other nations. You can use the confirmed and genuine addresses found on the website Fakexy for any kind of purpose. Fakexy may provide you with a phoney address for any purpose, including online purchasing, service enrollment, form filling, and recreational purposes.


Utilising Fakexy is quite simple. All that remains to do is navigate to the website and pick the country of your choice to generate an address. You can additionally select an individual state or country if you’d like to limit what’s available. Fakexy will provide you a contact number, address, zip code, city, state, and even a corresponding person description with name, gender, birthday, and social security number after you click the “Generate” option.

You are able to save the street address as a PDF file or transfer it to your clipboard and paste it there. Numerous addresses can be established simultaneously by using the “Bulk Generate” button. You can produce up to 100 addresses per day for free using Fakexy. You can get more features and limitless access by upgrading to a premium plan if you need more.

The reasons why fakexy outperforms other address generators

There is more to Fakexy than just random address generators. It is a clever and trustworthy programme that generates functional, validated addresses using sophisticated algorithms and data sources. The following are some advantages of Fakexy over alternative address generators:

  • Valid and current addresses are generated using Fakexy. Real street names and zip codes are used, taken from official maps and databases. Additionally, it verifies the format and accuracy of the social security and phone numbers.
  • Addresses produced by Fakexy are various and diversified. It encompasses thirteen provinces and territories of Canada in addition to all fifty US states. Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, the UK, and more nations are also supported.
  • Safe and secure addresses are produced using Fakexy. Your generated addresses and personal information are not stored or shared by it with anybody. Additionally, SSL certificates and encryption are used to shield your data from prying eyes and hackers.
  • Addresses produced by Fakexy are adaptable and customised. To produce an address, you can select the nation, state, or province. The quantity of addresses you wish to generate at once can also be changed. If you would like to make any changes, you can even update the addresses that are generated.


A phoney address can come in handy in a number of situations, and Fakexy is a flexible tool to have on hand. Here are some instances of the various uses for which you can put Fakexy to use:

  • Testing: Fakexy can assist you in generating realistic and legitimate addresses that meet your criteria if you are a developer or tester that has to test your programme or website with various addresses. Fakexy can also be used to test how well your programme or website handles various address input types.
  • Verification: Fakexy can assist you in creating a functional fake address if you’re a user in need of using an address to confirm your identity or account but don’t want to use your real one due to privacy concerns. With Fakexy, you can avoid address-required verification procedures without jeopardising your security.
  • Privacy: Fakexy can assist you in creating a false address that conceals your true one if you’re a user looking to safeguard your personal information against spam, fraud, or identity theft. With Fakexy, you may remain anonymous whether shopping online, registering for services, completing forms, or performing any other task requiring an address.
  • Fun: Fakexy can help you create funny and imaginative addresses that make you laugh if you’re a user who just wants to have some fun with false addresses. With Fakexy, you may make jokes, pull practical pranks on your pals, or create imaginary characters with fictitious addresses.


The best tool for creating fictitious addresses in the US, Canada, and other nations is Fakexy. It is adaptable, safe, dependable, and simple to use. Fakexy provides you with a phoney address for testing, verification, privacy, or amusement. Discover for yourself why Fakexy is the greatest address generator available online by giving it a try now.

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