Revive Collagen: Everything You Need To Know

If you love skincare and cosmetic products, you must have heard about collagen. And if you know what collagen is, you surely must have heard the name of Revive Collagen.

As you already know, collagen is really good for our skin. It maintains the skin and makes it look younger and healthier. Collagen is a protein produced naturally in our bodies. It is present in our skin in abundant quantities. The third part of the total protein present in our body is taken up by different types of collagen.

But as we grow old, the amount of collagen being synthesized in our bodies decreases gradually. Since, collagen keeps our skin tight and glowing, its depletion results in wrinkles, fine lines, and loose and dull skin.

But here is the good news. Collagen is resorbable. Which means it can be ingested into our bodies from other outside sources. Generally, collagen is extracted from pigs, cows, fish, etc.

There are various types of collagen supplements available in the market. These supplements are available in different forms and flavors to meet the need of customers.

Collagen supplements are available as powders, drinks, pills, and capsules. Other than these, there are also numerous skincare products and cosmetics which claim to have collagen in their products.

One such brand of collagen supplements is Revive Collagen. Let’s take a look at the details of Revive Collagen and its founder.

What is Revive collagen?

Revive collagen is a collagen supplements brand that specializes in marine collagen drinks. Marine collagen is the collagen sourced from marine life. This type of collagen is extracted from the skin and scales of fishes.

This brand is founded by the famous The Only Way Is Essex star Samantha Faiers. She claims that her brand Revive Collagen manufactures collagen drinks that are effectively absorbed by our bodies. She also claims that her products work faster and give better results than other collagen supplements like powders and pills.

Now that you know enough about the brand, let’s get to know the founder of Revive collagen.

Who is Samantha Faiers?

Samantha Elizabeth Faiers or popularly known as Sam Faiers is an English model and television personality. She is known for working in the famous reality series The Only Way Is Essex which aired from 2010 to 2014.

She was also a contestant on the reality show Big Brother. She competed in the thirteenth series of the famous reality show and ended up securing the fifth position.

Sam Faiers also launched her online website for fitness and health. The name of the website is Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers. The website offers workout videos and different healthy food and diet recipes.

In 2020, during the pandemic times, she co-founded Revive Collagen with her business partner John Bailey. This idea was born out of her struggles with hormonal change and how it affected the skin of women.

To keep her skin looking young and fresh, she tried everything available online and in cosmetic stores around the world. But to her dismay, nothing seemed to work for her.

Then she found out about ingestible collagen and that changed her skincare routine in many ways. Thus, this was the story behind the birth of the luxury collagen supplements brands Revive Collagen.

Revive Collagen was launched on 21st August 2020 for the first time in the UK. Since then it has been the fastest-growing collagen brand in Europe. According to some sources, Revive Collagen sells one box of its marine collagen drinks every two minutes!

Now let’s take a look at the different varieties of marine collagen drinks available at Revive Collagen.

Products of Revive Collagen

Revive Collagen Premium Liquid Marine Collagen Drink (8,500mgs)

This pack of marine collagen drinks has type 1 hydrolyzed marine collagen which boosts the production of collagen in our bodies. It also makes our skin tighter and hairs thicker and stronger.

It is infused with a mixture of hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera juice which is anti-inflammatory.

This product is great for skin that has concerns like acne and eczema.

It comes in lemon flavor which is delicious and refreshing in taste.

This marine collagen drink is suitable for people who are beginners in collagen supplements.

It is 100% natural with natural flavorings and ingredients. Also, it is gluten-free and there is no added sugar in it.

It comes in two packs. The bigger one contains 28 sachets of marine collagen drink while the smaller one contains 14 sachets of the drink.

Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus Premium Liquid Marine Collagen Drink (10,000mgs)

This pack contains sachets of type 1 marine collagen and retinol. It promotes the renewal of skin and collagen production within our bodies to make them look younger and brighter.

It also contains vitamins like B12, C, D, and B6. These vitamins are rich in antioxidants which reduce the dullness and fatigue appearing on our skin.

It comes in a tasty fruity flavor which makes it even more enticing and delicious.

This pack is for comparatively older people who have matured skin. This is a step-up of the dosage from the previous pack of marine collagen drinks.

Just like the other pack, this pack is also 100% natural and contains natural flavorings.

It is also gluten-free and does not contain any sort of added sugar in it.

This marine collagen is also available in two different packs containing 28 sachets and 14 sachets respectively.

Apart from this, the attractive and delicate packing of these marine collagen drinks is done specially. These sachets are specially made in a way that makes it easy to drink them anywhere.

You can keep these sachets in your bags and purses if you are always on the go. Not just that, these sachets are so easy to handle, that you can even put them in your pockets and go anywhere you want.

Since these are natural and healthy collagen drinks, they can be taken daily regularly.

Now that you know everything about Revive Collagen, go ahead and buy yourself one!




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