Release date for Tay K: When will the rapper be unencumbered?

Rapper Tay K, real name Taymor Travon McIntyre, became well-known after releasing the single “The Race” in 2017. The song, composed and recorded while he was evading police capture, exposed his involvement in a variety of crimes, including a murder and numerous robberies. The RIAA awarded the song a platinum certification when it went viral. On the Billboard Hot 100, it reached its apex at position 44. Tay K’s success was short-lived because the U.S. Marshals Service was able to capture him on June 30, 2017, the day the song was published.


In 2016, a house invasion and robbery that resulted in the death of Ethan Walker, 21, led to Tay K’s capture. Walker’s Mansfield, Texas, home was allegedly broken into by Tay K and six other defendants, who also shot Walker during the altercation. Tay K, who was 16 at the time, was first accused of a juvenile offence. He was, nevertheless, granted the right to be tried as an adult in March 2017.

Tay K was put under home arrest and required to wear an ankle monitor while she awaited trial. On March 27, 2017, he disconnected his monitor and left his home. He then allegedly committed two additional robberies and another murder while on a crime rampage that spanned multiple states. Additionally, he produced “The Race,” his breakthrough song, and released it.

When Tay K was arrested on June 30, 2017, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, by the U.S. Marshals Service, his effort to prevent justice ultimately were unsuccessful. After that, for the purpose to complete the legal procedure, he was transported again to Texas.


In July 2019, Tay K’s first trial got underway. He has been charged for the murder of Ethan Walker and three counts of aggravated burglary. He agreed guilt to two counts of serious robbery but did not plead guilty to a single murder allegation. On July 19, 2019, the judge pronounced him accused of murder and the third count of aggravated robbery. He served three simultaneous sentences of 30 years, 13 years, and 13 years in prison for criminal theft in addition to a 55-year sentence for murder. In addition, he was charged a $21,000 fine.

In his second hearing, Tay K is still charged with murder with capital punishment for supposedly murdering Mark Anthony Saldivar, 23, in San Antonio, Texas, without permission on April 23, 2017. OtakuKart claims that Saldivar was slain following a dispute over a camera that belonged to Tay K’s friend and had been stolen. Saldivar was allegedly shot in the stomach by Tay K, who subsequently fled the scene with a companion.

Another capital murder allegation against Tay K is being considered in his third trial, where he is accused of killing Sara Mutschlechner, age 21, on January 1, 2016, in Denton, Texas. Distractify claims that Mutschlechner ran into Tay K and his companions in another automobile as she was returning from a New Year’s Eve celebration. The two parties got into a verbal fight, and Tay K is accused of firing several bullets at Mutschlechner’s automobile, injuring her in the head and causing the vehicle to crash. She later passed away in a hospital.


Tay K is unlikely to be released from prison at any point given his numerous convictions and outstanding charges. Tay K’s predicted release date is January 23, 2047, according to, however this is not official and may alter based on the results of his upcoming trials. If Tay K is found guilty of capital murder, he might be sentenced to life in jail or even the death penalty, according to LiveAkhbar.

But Tay K is still holding out for his freedom. He announced on June 15, 2021, according to XXL Mag, that he would perform a livestream the next day and take questions from his fans. He stated that his music was improving his popularity and that he would shortly be releasing new music.

The hashtags #FreeTayK and #JusticeForTayK were frequently used by Tay K’s fans on social media to express their support towards him. He received additional encouragement from others of his musical competitors, like Lil Yachty, who tweeted in July 2019: “I really hope one day I can see you again.”

Not everybody, though, is sympathetic to Tay K’s predicament. For his rash and violent acts, he has garnered heavy criticism, and many have urged that justice be done for his victims and their families. Others have also pointed out the irony of his song “The Race,” which praised his wrongdoing and ultimately led to his demise.

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