This post on the Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal will help you to know the complete details of the mirror scandal of Rai Fernandez. Kindly read.

Do social media influencers edit their pictures? Recently, trending news has made controversy regarding editing the pictures. If you know about Rai Fernandez, a popular influencer in the Philippines who was blamed for the Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal. But what is this mirror scandal? If you do not know why everyone backlashed Rai Fernandez on the internet, then here are the complete details to know about this scandal.


According to online sources, Rai Fernandez posted a new picture on her social media account. Some fans noticed the floor’s tiles distorted. This started a controversy among the fans who blamed her for editing the pictures and not being real with her fans. People backlashed the influencer for making her look thinner by editing the pictures. It cost a lot to Rai Fernandez as she lost many of her fans.


If you are a social media user, then you must have seen the videos and pictures of Rai Fernandez at least once no matter wherever you reside. She is a popular TikToker and social media personality who keeps on trending every next day. Recently, she is trending for a mirror scandal in which she uploaded a picture of a mirror selfie in which some fans noticed the distorted tiles of the floor. As per online sources, people blamed her for body shaming and not accepting herself the way she is. She tried to appear thinner in the pictures. So, there were mixed opinions on Rai Fernandez New Scandal.

However, Rai did not keep quiet and had spoken in response to the fan’s comments on her pictures. To know what she had said, kindly read ahead.

DISCLAIMER: We do not blame any influencer on their profession and personal choices. Our purpose is to provide the facts based on the keywords trending on social media or the internet. Also, we do not support any comments on body shaming. Everyone is beautiful and such a mindset is a stigma to society. 

What Did Rai Fernandez Say To Defend Herself? 

As per online sources, Rai Fernandez did not keep quiet but replied in response to comments on the Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal. Initially, she said that she had not edited the picture. The tiles look distorted due to the camera lens. Later, when people kept more evidence to light, Rai eventually accepted that she had been facing body image problems for a long and she had edited the pictures. She apologized for it many times. But, people still blamed her for being unreal with her fans.

Consequences Of This Scandal! 

After Rai accepted her mistake, many fans started disliking her and unfollowing her from different social media platforms. Not only this, many brands cut ties with Rai due to the Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal. She lost many big projects and many of her fans. It had a negative impact on her career. This scandal also affected her earnings as an influencer.

We must accept ourselves the way we are and should be transparent with the world. Transparency and Authenticity are the most essential things in life.


Summing up this post, we have shared all details on the mirror scandal of Rai Fernandez. If you want to check the edited images, you can find them on social media.

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Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal: Frequently Asked Questions

   1  Who is Rai Fernandez? 

Ans. Rai Fernandez is a popular TikTok star, social media face, and influencer. She posts dance videos and follows different challenges that are trending on social media.

  2  What is the latest update on Rai Fernandez?

Ans. As per online sources, she is trending on social media as her mirror scandal is getting viral.

  3  What is the mirror scandal of Rai?

Ans. According to online reports, many fans have noticed that Rai edits her pictures to look thinner.

  4  When did the fans notice the Rai Fernandez Mirror Scandal?

Ans. Recently, Rai posted a picture in which fans noticed the distorted tiles of the floor. This made every fan think that she edited her pictures to look skinny.

  5  What was the impact of this scandal on Rai?

Ans. As per online sources, she lost many projects like a brand endorsement, etc after this scandal.

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