Legal hemp: and it’s numerous variations

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About the varieties of this substance it is possible to distinguish different ones, which vary depending on the inflorescences, but also on the amount of terpenes they contain and more.

Legal hemp: all the information about the varieties

Legal hemp is also referred to as “light,” and today there are several varieties of this element.

The expression among other things indicates that type of plant whose cultivation is not subject to prohibition on the European continent.

For example, among these non-illegal variants is the so-called “Selected Carmagnola,” but “Kompolti” may also be referred to.

Generally, there are an estimated 64 or so of the most popular types if one refers to the inflorescences, while if one distinguishes according to the places of origin of the product and according to the amount of terpenes it contains, then there are different names, for example Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Bud, but also Lemon Haze, Golden Kush.

If these are what are considered to be the types most in demand by customers, then there are also other indications that deserve further investigation.

First of all, “industrial hemp,” another way of referring to the sale of legal hemp, which is permitted, differs from banned hemp in that it holds a minimum amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

According to current regulations, the level of this compound must be lower than 0.2 percent.

With regard to inflorescence, however, the regulation admits that it only needs to be less than 0.5 percent.

Otherwise there may be legal issues not only for consumers, but also and especially for sellers.

By the way, the indicated extract has a psychoactive effect and is in fact responsible for the so-called “high effect,” so it has consequences on psychic processes.

For this very reason, one should never exceed the threshold set by the state.

In addition to this then one can go into more detail about the varieties of Hemp.

The difference between dioecious and monoecious varieties

They take the name “dioecious” all those types of legal Hemp that generate both male and female plants.

While the former interrupt their life cycle after they flower and are used only for their reproductive phase, the latter generate seeds and since cultivation is carried on by these varieties, the same are regarded as fundamental and are called “monoecious”.

Plants exclusively of the male gender, on the other hand, are not considered suitable for cultivation, and for this reason all those male varieties tend to be eliminated from cultivation before pollination begins.

In fact, the aim is to try never to reach seed maturity, otherwise the quality level of Hemp could be compromised.

As for the male plants, since these in fact are not contemplated for cultivation, their productions at most can be useful for decorative purposes.

As we have seen, there are numerous types of Industrial Hemp and it is good to inquire about them, especially when deciding to purchase products derived from them.



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