In today’s age, most companies’ marketing scheme is channelised through social media. Be it Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, so much focus is placed on these mediums that on occasions it becomes overwhelming and saturated. Perhaps then, a good avenue of marketing is old-fashioned outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising comes in different forms. While some brands invest in large billboards and banners, others might use practical outdoor marketing ideas like promotional outdoor umbrellas. These marketing tools not only display a brand but also serve a great purpose too. For example, imagine yourself drinking a cup of tea or coffee in an open area under the blazing sun. Probably, that’s not the kind of experience you were looking for when you were ordering your beverage. That’s where customised and branded outdoor restaurant umbrellas or cafe outdoor umbrellas come in. In short, commercial umbrellas are simple, efficient and cost-effective brand promotion tools that can help grow your business manifold. Read on to learn more…

Serving a lot of purposes

The primary function of an outdoor umbrella is to shelter you and your guests from the sun’s harmful rays and sporadic showers. On a nice summer day, you might want to lounge under the sun by the pool or treat your guests to a nice backyard party or barbeque out in the open. However, too much sun or an untimely shower can play spoilsport. However, if you install a café outdoor umbrella, your guests will have a much-needed shade for protection. This will not only boost your business’ reputation but will add a lot of value to your business because your diners will feel safe and comfortable.


The benefit of an outdoor restaurant umbrella is not just limited to having a temporary shade solution. It can elevate the ambience of your restaurant and ramp up the décor of your outdoor space. People love to visit restaurants that have nice and vibrant umbrellas installed. Talks and intimate conversations over meals become far more engaging in the shade of a beautifully designed outdoor umbrella. So you can create the ambience that your guests are looking for and be assured that they’ll want to return to your place time and again, thereby increasing footfall at your restaurant.

Fashion statement

You can treat commercial umbrellas to make a fashion statement. An umbrella with a unique logo or design can speak volumes about your aesthetic taste. So choose the colour of your canopy from a wide range of vibrant hues and shades so that they attract the attention of your customers. For the frames, we would suggest you go for aluminium, steel, or fibreglass. These metal frames can accentuate the look and feel of your outdoor space with a minimalist design. Wooden umbrella frames also look classic but wood can snap easily under heavy winds.

Advertising tool

Now that you understand the basic purpose of an umbrella, you might still be asking the question of how to promote your brand with an outdoor umbrella. We would give you the answer. Think of the canopy as a canvas and ask your commercial umbrella manufacturer to provide you with customisation options that you can use to have your brand logo printed on it. This essentially increases your brand’s visibility and makes you reach out to a larger audience.

If you can run good customer service along with the right décor, it could help in creating a unique customer experience for your patrons and this might result in increased revenue.

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A long-serving companion

Commercial umbrellas are made of durable materials that can last long. However, you must be careful in choosing the right kind of fabric that has a high UV Protection value and is water resistant. Materials like olefin, polyester, and acrylic are good options while you can select Spanish recasens and Italian Para Tempotest. These materials are fade resistant in addition to being UV and waterproof. Durability is important because it helps you save a lot of money in the long run.


An outdoor umbrella is a versatile device that can aid you in doing a lot of things efficiently. But there is no better and more inexpensive way to advertise your business than getting customized umbrellas with your unique brand logos and designs. The branded commercial umbrellas not only help in establishing a connection with your customers but also act as a visual aid as people recognize and notice your business.

User-friendliness is another crucial aspect of umbrellas. You don’t have to be a specialist of some kind to erect an umbrella. If your café or restaurant has an outdoor space lying unutilised, you can install a colourful umbrella to quickly transform the patio into a vibrant zone. This way, the umbrellas can also help in expanding your outdoor space, which in turn, would bring in more income. We now hope that after reading this blog, you have realised how a little investment in umbrellas can do wonders for your business.

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