Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Kutboregi .com, a unique website that only provides articles related to shoes.

It is said that people observe footwear to determine the personality of an individual. Are you conscious about your dress accessories? Do you prefer wearing latest trendy accessories? Would you like to know tips and tricks for maintaining your shoes in the best condition?

Kutboregi.com is a website widely accessed in Colombia and Mexico. In this article, let’s review the website for its authenticity, features, and feedback about Kutboregi .com.


Kutboregi.com achieved a terrible 1% Trust Score, a terrible Zero Alexa Ranking, and a below-average Business Ranking of 48.6%. Further, it received a 33% score on the suspicion profile, 5% on Malware, and a 23% on Phishing and Threat profiles. Hence, Kutboregi.com is possibly a SCAM.

Kutboregi.com is a new website registered in Turkey, a high-risk country, on 9th December, 2021. It is a seven-month-old website. Turkey is known for servers hosting fraudulent websites. Kutboregi.com was identified as a source of Spam by one of the reviewing websites. Kutboregi.com has a Spam profile score of 7%.


The website design of Kutboregi .com is copied from Descargardirectx.com. The navigation buttons are also similar. Likewise, Kutboregi.com did not include any information about its terms and privacy policies. The contact number and email address of customer service are unspecified.

Kutboregi.com is using a valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 86 days. Kutboregi.com provides services via two servers based in USA and GB. The website was recently updated on 4th July 2022. Kutboregi.com has a short life expectancy as it expires within the next five months on 9th December 2022.

Kutboregi .Com

It does not offer any content for import. Kutboregi.com does not offer any subscription service (or) payment options. The website only included 20 articles related to shoes. Hence, Kutboregi.com is not blacklisted by any blacklisting engines.

All the links on Kutboregi.com will redirect the users to its home page. Twenty articles presented on Kutboregi.com included:

  • Buying comfortable shoes
  • Care and conservation of shoes
  • Casual shoes for work
  • Choosing a good pair of shoes
  • Classic shoes
  • drying shoes quickly
  • Famous shoe brands in the world
  • Flat shoes this summer.
  • Iconic shoes
  • Most expensive men’s shoes in the world
  • Kutboregi .com write-up on Sandals for summer
  • Shoe quality
  • Shoes for fall-winter
  • Shoes for spring-summer
  • Shoes for the Fall season
  • Shoes that go with everything
  • Shoes that will not go out of style
  • Sports shoes
  • Tradition of Shoes
  • Trendy shoes


Though Kutboregi.com only provides articles related to shoes, the website achieved a terrible Trust Rank, Business Ranking, and Alexa Rank even after seven months on the internet. Further, on the internet, no user reviews and ratings were present for Kutboregi.com. Kutboregi.com scored considerably on Suspicion, Malware, Threat, and Phishing profiles, which is not good for user devices and data. Kutboregi .com reviews suggest that it is a SCAM.

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