Basketball superstar Jordan Walsh has gained attention for his outstanding on-court performance. He is an upcoming freshman forward at Arkansas and a recruit with five stars who helped his team go to the Sweet 16 of the 2023 NCAA championship. Jordan is popular for his ability and talent, but people also noticed him for his unique looks. His total baldness has aroused interest and rumours among fans and the media. Jordan Walsh: Does he have cancer? What causes a man to become bald? We will discuss Jordan’s condition honestly in this piece, as well as how he has handled the difficulties it has presented.

Explain albinism

The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Jordan has alopecia universalis, a condition that renders him completely bald. This condition is brought on by a condition called autoimmune arthritis which leads the immune system’s response mistakenly target the hair follicles and stop them from growing. According to Fresherslive1, alopecia universalis is a rare and erratic illness that affects roughly one in 100,000 Americans.


Ever since he was a little child, Jordan has had alopecia. He first noticed areas of hair receding in kindergarten; by sixth grade, he had completely lost it. He admitted to Sporting News2 that having alopecia made growing up difficult because he experienced taunting, bullying, and low self-esteem. He claimed that he felt unlike other children and wished he had hair like theirs. He added that he tried numerous procedures and cures to help his hair grow back but that none of them were successful.

Jordan eventually learned to accept and even appreciate his condition as he aged. He came to see that his baldness was actually a strength. He claimed that it gave him bravery and confidence, as well as making him distinctive and memorable. Additionally, he claimed that it inspired him to put in more effort and succeed on the basketball floor. He advised young individuals with alopecia to be themselves and to love themselves, according to Athlete Advocate Consortium3.


Jordan is proud of his disability rather than being ashamed of it. He uses his platform as a basketball star to inform the public and spread awareness about autoimmune diseases like alopecia. Additionally, he encourages and supports those who are going through similar circumstances. For instance, he most recently assisted in the celebration of the publication of the book “Beanies, Ball Caps, and Being Bald,” which recounts the true account of an Arkansas kid with alopecia3. Rylee Langerman, a player on the women’s basketball team at Arkansas, is a close friend of his who also has alopecia. They talk about their experiences and support one another.


Jordan Walsh has alopecia universalis, a disorder that results in total baldness on the scalp and body, rather than cancer. He has struggled with this sickness, but he hasn’t let it define or limit him. He has encouraged a lot of people and shown tenacity and a positive attitude. He additionally utilises his fame and influence to spread knowledge regarding autoimmune diseases like alopecia and others. Jordan Walsh is a role model and a leader, not just a bald basketball player.

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