Is the Geiger Comic Series Worth It?

Comics have become popular among all generations, from the young to the old. One of the best you can consider is the Geiger comic series, the first creator-owned hero associated with Image Comics. However, the biggest question is whether the Geiger comic series is worth watching or reading. The following are insights into why the Geiger comic is worth it, its writers and promoters, and its flow.

The Geiger Comic Series: Guide to the Plot

The Geiger comic series is a masterpiece created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Brand Anderson is yet another partner in this creation, and he acts as the colorist. These three individuals are significantly experienced in comic design, assuring you of a flawless plot.

This comic series boasts seven issues, each illustrating a unique storyline. Yet, the story happens a few years after a nuclear war destroys the earth. It focuses on desperate outlaws who try to survive after this tragedy. Ideally, they have to deal with radioactive issues while attempting to redefine their existence.

The comic centers on a superhero called Geiger. This superhero has developed various strengths and abilities, including the ability to transform himself into a glowing skeleton. With these strengths, he is integral to guiding and protecting the outlaws. In addition, his strength and abilities have created significant fear among others.

In this comic, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank created a perfect hero, liked and hated equally. These writers understand how to accentuate positivity, suspense, and likeability throughout the story. In addition, you can easily consider Geiger as a nuclear knight, an elite soldier out to help his loyalists and other innocent outlaws.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank introduce new civilizations as the plot develops. For instance, twenty years after the story’s onset, a contemporary society of hunters and gatherers emerges. This community thrives on the two economic activities to guarantee a better life. Their skills in hunting and gathering also improve significantly, ensuring more straightforward access to food.

Is the Geiger Comic Series Worth It?

The Geiger comic series is fascinating, boasting an incredible storyline, imagery, and continuity. It is a practical choice, thanks to how glued it will keep you to the story. Various reasons support this, including the following.

First, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank found a gem in Brand Anderson, the guy in charge of images. Anderson uses top-notch designs to illustrate the story, offering enough brightness to keep you interested in the reading. While the story is set in a land destroyed by nuclear bombs, its desert atmosphere helps illustrate a land full of beautiful shorelines, sand, and skies. Vibrant colors are associated with capturing attention, which this series effortlessly achieves.

You’ll love the art of storytelling illustrated in this comic series. Thanks to vast experience in the field, Geoff and Gary have significantly sharpened their wit in the industry, assuring you of a flawless storyline. This story builds up effortlessly, ensuring the reader enjoys the series with every new copy.

Further, the writers touch on multiple everyday issues in the story. You’ll notice a significant emphasis on betrayal, superpower, gratitude, and personality. Each character in the comic has a unique strength or trait, making it easier for you to fall in love with all the characters. Moreover, the writers make the story more intense as it keeps developing, where each character becomes essential.

The Geiger comic series is a jewel you should consider. From its vibrant illustrations and images to its incredible storyline and flawless continuity, you’ll readily love it. Above all, it is a product of amazing writers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

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