Is Sebastian Croft Gay? Who is Sebastian Croft?

The sexual orientation of Sebastian Croft, a British actor renowned for his appearances in Game of Thrones and Heartstopper, has sparked conjecture, although he has not officially disclosed his orientation.

Who is Sebastian Croft?

Sebastian Croft, born on December 16, 2001, is a British actor who first stepped into the limelight as a child performer in stage productions before venturing into the realm of television. His remarkable journey in the entertainment industry began with his portrayal of Young Ned Stark in the renowned television series Game of Thrones in 2016.

This early breakthrough marked the start of a promising career that would see him earn recognition and acclaim for his talents.Croft’s acting prowess has earned him accolades, including a nomination for a BAFTA Children’s Award.

This recognition came for his role as Atti in the film Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans in 2019, showcasing his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters. His talents also extend to the realm of voice acting, as evidenced by his contributions to projects like Where Is Anne Frank (2021) and his participation in the Netflix anthology Love, Death & Robots in the episode titled “Ice” (2021).

In addition to his on-screen work, Croft’s involvement in the video game Hogwarts Legacy and his role as Ben Hope in the popular Netflix series Heartstopper (2022-2023) further solidify his presence in both traditional and emerging forms of media.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Croft’s educational journey took him through the Dragon School for preparatory studies and St Edward’s School, Oxford, where he pursued GCSEs and completed A Levels in English, philosophy, and film.

Croft’s personal identity is marked by his openness about his sexuality – he is openly queer and uses his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

His dedication to positive change was exemplified during LGBT Pride Month in 2022, when he designed a t-shirt featuring two gay dinosaurs kissing, with the proceeds from sales supporting Choose Love and Rainbow Railroad, organizations that assist LGBT refugees.

Through his talent, advocacy, and commitment to inclusivity, Sebastian Croft has emerged as a multifaceted actor who not only entertains but also contributes to meaningful societal progress.


Name Sebastian Theodore Kemble Croft
Age 21 years old
Date of Birth December 16, 2001
Profession British actor
Recent Series Ben Hope in Heartstopper (2022-2023)
Birthplace Oxford, England


Is Sebastian Croft Gay?

There has been ongoing speculation and talk about Sebastian Croft’s sexual orientation, with various rumors circulating about this aspect of his personal life. This speculation has arisen in part due to his portrayal of a character who identifies as bisexual in a television series, as well as his apparent close bond with his co-star Joe Locke.

However, it’s important to highlight that neither Sebastian Croft nor Joe Locke has officially confirmed any romantic involvement or openly declared themselves as gay.

It’s crucial to recognize that the roles actors play on screen don’t always reflect their real-life identities. While Sebastian Croft has chosen to keep his sexual orientation private and has not shared this information publicly, there is currently no substantial evidence available to definitively state that he is gay.

The topic of Sebastian Croft’s sexual orientation remains speculative, and any claims or assumptions should be approached with sensitivity and respect for his privacy.

Sebastian Croft Age

Sebastian Croft’s birthdate is December 16, 2001, positioning him at the age of 21 at the present moment. His place of birth is Oxford, England, a detail that is intertwined with his identity. Astrologically, he aligns with the Sagittarius zodiac sign, which often characterizes individuals with traits such as curiosity, optimism, and a penchant for exploration.

It’s remarkable to observe that despite his relatively tender age, Sebastian Croft has already carved a significant niche for himself within the expansive realm of the entertainment industry.

His accomplishments encompass a diverse range of creative platforms, spanning from his compelling roles in well-received television series like Game of Thrones to his captivating contributions to various stage performances.

The fact that he has accomplished so much at a young age underscores his budding talent and dedication to his craft. This not only garners attention but also signifies his potential for continued growth and impact within the entertainment landscape.

Is Joe Locke Dating Sebastian?

Speculation and rumors have swirled around the possibility of a romantic relationship between Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft. The conjecture stems from their apparent close interactions and their shared posts on social media platforms.

Their frequent appearances together and the nature of their online interactions have led fans to speculate whether there could be more to their relationship than just friendship. Amidst their collaboration on projects and their evident camaraderie, fans have drawn connections between Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft that extend beyond their professional lives.

Their joint presence in photographs, especially on social media, has ignited discussions about whether there might be a romantic dimension to their connection. However, it’s essential to note that these conjectures are based on observations and interpretations of their public interactions, and neither Locke nor Croft has officially addressed or confirmed the nature of their relationship.

Sebastian Croft Early Life

Sebastian Croft’s early life is marked by his birth on December 16, 2001, in Oxford, England. Named Sebastian Theodore Kemble Croft, he was born into the world with a destiny that would lead him to become a notable British actor. Interestingly, his namesake, “Sebastian,” was inspired by one of the main characters, Sebastian Flyte, from the iconic novel “Brideshead Revisited.”

As a child, Croft showed an early interest in the world of acting. At the age of seven, he began taking acting classes at the Abingdon-on-Thames branch of Stagecoach, a well-known performing arts school.

His dedication to honing his craft became evident as he continued his acting education under the guidance of Michael Xavier’s MX Masterclass, an experience that ultimately led to him becoming a patron of the program.

Croft’s educational journey also included attending the Dragon School for preparatory studies and later, St Edward’s School in Oxford, where he pursued his GCSEs. His passion for learning extended beyond traditional subjects, as he completed A Levels in English, philosophy, and film.

Despite facing challenges with dyslexia, Croft’s determination remained steadfast, driving him to succeed in both his studies and his burgeoning acting career.In addition to his academic pursuits, Sebastian Croft openly identifies as queer and has been a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

He used his platform to show support during LGBT Pride Month in 2022 by designing a t-shirt featuring two gay dinosaurs kissing, symbolizing the enduring presence of queer identities throughout history. Notably, the proceeds from the t-shirt sales were dedicated to charitable causes including Choose Love and Rainbow Railroad, both of which provide assistance to LGBTQ+ refugees.

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