How to play slots on mobile devices

It’s now over one hundred years since the creation of the Liberty Bell by Charles Fey, the world’s first slot machine, and in that time the unassuming one armed bandit has slowly but surely pursued world domination. Fruit machines have been presented in various forms throughout the years but the most recent iteration means you can play slots on your mobile device from anywhere in the world including Virgin Games.

The History of Slots

The Liberty Bell set the benchmark for how all subsequent slot machines would operate and even modern versions maintain a striking resemblance. The original gaming machine consisted of three independent reels, eight symbols and a jackpot of just ten nickels.

Despite the inclusion of additional reels, multiple win lines and more sophisticated inner machinery, it wasn’t until 1976 when the first major technological breakthrough would arrive in the form of the first video slot machine. Video slots enabled casinos to load a library of different slot games and themes onto each machine whereas before they would have needed to replace entire units.

Video slots would set the precedent of what was to come and as the age of the internet pervaded, the games would no longer contain any moving parts and rely on software engineers instead to create them. The fact that video slots are in essence computer programs means there is nothing stopping them from being loaded onto personal computers and when the technology eventually allowed it, mobile devices.

Slots on Mobile Devices

There are now a myriad of slots titles that can be accessed from any modern smartphone or tablet. Many of which, the software can be downloaded and stored on your device in the form of an app but often the processing is all completed remotely on servers and all that is required is a strong and stable internet connection.

Slots Strategy

Once you’ve found a game you like the look of there are a few methods you can utilize to get the most out of your experience. Firstly, always take advantage of the free play option which, if using a reputable provider, should be available.

Getting a feel for the game without wagering any real money is a great way to maximize your profits once you do begin to involve your bank balance. Check the RTP (return to player) of your chosen game.

RTP, usually displayed as a percentage, is statistically how much money you’re likely to win compared to how much you spend – the casino equivalent is often referred to as the house edge. The RTP must be considered in combination with the ‘volatility’ of the chosen game to evaluate the type of game you’re playing.

Volatility concerns how often a game is likely to pay out. Highly volatile games pay out less frequently but usually with bigger amounts and low volatility games pay out small amounts but more often.

You should choose a game that not only appeals to you but also suits your play style. If you prefer more drawn out play sessions, high volatility games while sacrificing some RTP may appeal as you go in search of those big money jackpots.

Physical slot machines of yesteryear used to offer players numbers of paylines in the single digits. Paylines or win lines are the number of ways the symbols can be arranged to win a prize or jackpot and they represent perhaps the biggest difference between digital games and their predecessors.

Modern slots which can be played online sometimes have hundreds of paylines, often adjustable, which makes for more chances of winning and hence more exciting gameplay.

Popular Slots Titles

  • 10,0001 Nights Megaways

The Megaways mechanic is a random reel modifier that results in a staggering 117,649 ways to win in the case of 10,001 Nights which makes it a popular choice with slots enthusiasts searching for an exciting experience. 10,001 Nights is a fantastic Arabian Nights treasure themed game with crisp graphics and immersive gameplay.

  • Rainbow Riches

The Rainbow Riches series of slots has amassed huge support since their launch in 2008 and for good reason. A 95% RTP, 20 win lines and Wishing Well bonus feature grants the chance to win 500x your stake!

  • Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Rush

Experience the exhilaration of a high end slots game from the world famous hot seat. The tension mounts as you move along the Megatrail, triggering multiplier bonus features and symbol upgrades as you go.

The Best Devices to Play Mobile Slots

Any modern laptop is capable of accessing the web browser platforms of all the biggest slots providers but if you want a truly mobile experience, a dedicated app for iOS or Android is the way to go.

  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Powered by the A15 processor and with an extended 6.7” screen, the iPhone is Apple’s flagship smartphone that can do just about anything.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung continues its domination of the smartphone market with their latest in the S range – and if you need more screen real estate the S22+ has you covered.

  • Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft’s range of Surface devices are the perfect middle ground between a tablet and a laptop and by turning ‘S Mode’ off you can gain access to a plethora of third party apps.

Whether you’re a dyed in the wool casino aficionado or new to the world of fruit machines there’s never been a better time to start your mobile slots journey. The software and the hardware available today make playing slots on your smartphone or tablet fuss free and exciting.

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