The popular American television charm, you’ll political investigator, and former congressman, Joe Scarborough. He is most famous for hosting together the MSNBC morning broadcast Morning Joe with his wife Mika Brzezinski. However, some of his fans have recently raised concerns about his overall wellness and have asked about whether he suffers from anything that might be harming his performance or appearance.

Heart attack and lifestyle change for Joe Scarborough

based on Model Fact  In 2016, Joe Scarborough had a heart attack that necessitated hospitalisation. He talked on it on his show in 2017 and claimed that he had chest pains and shortness of breath while in New York. He underwent an angioplasty to clear an arterial blockage while getting sent to a clinic as short order.He also mentioned that heart disease and excessive cholesterol run in his family.

Since then, he has fundamentally changed his lifestyle by turning vegan and beginning to exercise frequently. He claimed that by remaining committed to the diet, he was able to reduce his cholesterol and drop 30 pounds. He also gave his wife Mika credit for encouraging him to maintain his health.

Mask controversy involving Joe Scarborough and Covid-19 rumours

Joe Scarborough caused some controversy in 2020 by going on TV while wearing a mask, which led some people to believe that he had Covid-19. He declined to confirm or refute these rumours, stating instead that he was donning the mask out of caution and respect for the studio’s staff. Additionally, he claimed that he had repeatedly tested negative for Covid-19.

He had previously criticised President Donald Trump for not donning a mask and downplaying the outbreak, leading some detractors to charge that he was being hypocrite. Others argued in his favour, saying he was acting responsibly and serving as an excellent role model for the viewers.

the state of Joe Scarborough’s son’s health

Joe Scarborough is the father of four kids—Joey, Andrew, Katherine, and Jack—from his prior unions. His 1991-born son Andrew also has Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome represents a behaviour and personal interaction-impacting autism spectrum disorder. The pancreas’ power to make insulin, a hormone that maintains blood sugar levels, suffers in type 1 diabetes which has become chronic.

Joe Scarborough has reportedly been quite supportive of his son and has increased understanding of his illness, according to Showbiz Corner. He has also commended his son’s intelligence, talent, and fortitude. He stated Andrew needed daily insulin injections and regular blood sugar monitoring. Along with that, he added that he and his ex-wife Susan had figured out how to handle the difficulties of raising a child with special needs.


Popular television figure Joe Scarborough has had some health concerns in the past. He changed his lifestyle and nutrition after suffering a heart attack in 2016. He also donned a mask while broadcasting in 2020, which led to conjecture that he had Covid-19 infection. He adores and supports his son, who has Type 1 diabetes and Asperger’s syndrome. Despite these difficulties, he keeps sharing his opinions on politics and current events on Morning Joe with his wife, Mika Brzezinski.

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