One of the rising stars of Netflix’s That ’90s Show, a spin-off of the well-liked sitcom That ’70s Show, is Callie Haverda. She portrays Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia Forman, who spends the summer of 1995 in Wisconsin with her grandparents. However, what is the race of Callie Haverda and who is she? These are some essential details regarding the young actress.


On February 22, 2007, American Callie Haverda was born in Austin, Texas. She is the youngest of her siblings, having a twin brother and a sister. Callie Hope Haverda is her full name, but most people just call her Callie. When she was six years old, she began performing after an agent observed her in a school play. She has made appearances in commercials and theatrical productions, modelling for a few designer labels.

Callie Haverda is a mixed-race woman because she comes from an American-Christian background, according to WikiCelebs1. Her mother, Denise Haverda, is Asian, and he is Hispanic, going by Tony Haverda. ┬áCallie maintains having a beneficial connection with the members of her family, who support her acting profession. Her family relocated from Texas to California when she was cast as That ’90s Show’s Leia Forman.


In the short film Paper Memories, released in 2010, Callie Haverda made her acting debut. After then, she starred in a number of films and television series, including Eleven Little Roosters (2017), Shut Eye (2017), Dolly (2017), The Adventures of Pepper and Paula (2015), and The Lost Husband (2020). Additionally, she provided the voice of Siera in the 2016 animated series Stage V.

In 2023, Callie Haverda made her big screen debut as That ’90s Show’s Leia Forman. She portrays a sardonic and rebellious adolescent who finds it difficult to adapt to her grandparents’ traditional way of life. Additionally, she bonds with Ashley Aufderheide’s character Jackie Burkhart, her cousin, who introduces her to the local misfit gang. Actress Callie Haverda admitted to HollywoodLife2 that she was initially nervous about playing Eric and Donna’s daughter, but she soon warmed up to the character and the ensemble.

Reviews of Callie Haverda’s performance in That ’90s Show, which highlights her charm and adaptability, have been favourable. She additionally earned notoriety by notable honours and nominating processes, like the Toronto International Film Festival’s Best Supporting Actress Award and the Hollywood Film Awards’ Rising Star Award. She additionally built a substantial audience on internet platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


At the moment, Callie Haverda is unmarried and concentrating on her studies and profession. She intends to seek further education in the future and is now enrolled in California’s Westwood High School. She is interested in directing and producing as well since she wants to see every aspect of the entertainment business.

Callie Haverda is interested in a variety of activities and hobbies, such as dancing, painting, photography, music listening, and fashion. She enjoys seeing new locations and learning about different cultures. Among her fave actors are Kurtwood Smith, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Her preferred cities include San Francisco, Miami, and London.

Philanthropist Callie Haverda takes engaged in a range of humanitarian organisations and activities. She makes use of her position to spread the word about and generate money for causes including human rights, the environment, health, and education. She also supports veganism and animal welfare.


With her roles in TV series and films, Callie Haverda has won over fans as a gifted and rising actor. What made her most well-known was her portrayal as Leia Forman in the comedy-drama series That ’90s Show, which followed the lives of several teenagers in the mid-1990s. Callie Haverda was reared in a mixed-race American-Christian home due to her Hispanic and Asian origins. She also aims to someday work as a filmmaker or producer and is a method, philanthropist, and digital star. She is an icon in the realm of entertainment that is worthy observing.

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