Gwen Stefani is considered one of the greatest recognised and prosperous singers in worldwide, working in the world of music for over thirty years. In addition, she has three kids from a former marriage to Gavin Rossdale: Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston. But is she expecting a fourth kid with Blake Shelton, her present spouse?

Long-running rumours regarding Gwen’s pregnancy have persisted, particularly since her wedding to Blake in 2021. The pair, who first connected on The Voice set in 2015, has been frank about their love and wish to begin a family. They have, meanwhile, also had to deal with a lot of rumours and conjecture from many sources.


The most well-known event that started the pregnancy rumours was Gwen’s 2016 April Fools’ joke. The singer shared a picture of a sonogram along with the words “It’s a girl” and several heart emojis on her Instagram account.

Before realising it was all a prank, several fans and celebrities congratulated her on the alleged pregnancy news.

Gwen then revealed that her friend Ellen DeGeneres, who is well-known for her jokes and practical jokes, served as her inspiration. She claimed that her goal was to have some fun and make others laugh, but she also acknowledged that it was a little callous towards those who have infertility. Anybody who was upset or outraged by her joke received her apology.


Gwen’s December 2022 Instagram post was another event that gave rise to the pregnancy rumours. She uploaded a picture of herself clutching an enigmatic, slender, rectangular object that was so pixelated that it was impossible to identify. “It’s getting harder to keep this a secret,” was her caption on the picture.

A lot of fans thought Gwen was teasing a major announcement by holding up what appeared to be a pregnancy test. But as it happened, the item was actually a brand-new item from her GXVE Beauty cosmetics collection. Gwen disclosed that she has been working on a new eyeshadow palette for a while and that it would soon be released.


So, is Gwen Stefani truly expecting a child? No, is the response. As per The RCO Online, Gwen has not verified or refuted any of the rumours, indicating that she is not pregnant. Additionally, the source stated that Gwen and Blake are content with their current family structure and have no plans to expand their family.

Additionally, Gwen has conveyed her appreciation for being able to raise her three kids, particularly Apollo, the youngest, who was born when she was forty-four years old. In 2020, she said that Apollo was “such a miracle surprise” and that she was “trying to savour every moment” alongside the anchor of the Today show, Hoda Kotb.

Blake has additionally proven his love and support for Gwen’s kids and even accepted his role as her stepfather.He declared to People magazine in 2021 that he would give up his career to be part of their lives since he enjoyed their company. “This isn’t about me more and certainly shall be once more”, he said.


Gwen Stefani is not and has never carried Blake Shelton’s child to term. Her pregnancy has been the subject of untrue reports, practical jokes, and miscommunications. With their blended family of five, Gwen and Blake are content and have no plans to grow it any time soon. Their children, marriage, and careers are their top priorities.

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