Google Adwords For Plumbers: Tips To Maximize Your Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any business, but with so many moving parts, it can be hard to know where to start. One easy way to get started optimizing your website for search engines is by creating a Google AdWords account and running ads through Google AdWords. But what if you’re a plumber? Is this worth doing? What’s the point of it? In short: yes!

Define Your Goals

Before you start, make sure that your goals are SMART. A good goal should be specific, measurable and attainable. For example: “increase brand awareness” is not a SMART goal because it’s not measurable–you can’t tell if the campaign has been successful or not based on this metric alone. Instead try something like “gain 200 new followers on Twitter in six months.”

If you’re struggling to come up with SMART goals for your plumbing business then here are some ideas: increase brand awareness; generate more leads; increase sales; increase website traffic

Use Ads To Find Your Keywords

To find the keywords that your customers are searching for, you can use the Google Keyword Planner. This tool helps you identify potential search terms by telling you how many people are searching for them and what they’re willing to pay for those terms. You can also discover the best time of day and week to advertise based on historical data from previous campaigns, as well as estimate how much it will cost per click (CPC) or impression (CPM).

If you want more specific information about what types of plumbers people are looking for in your area, try using Autocomplete with one of these two methods:

  • Type “plumber near me” into Google’s search field and select “I’m feeling lucky.” If there’s enough data available nearby that fits what we want–and if not–then this may be worth exploring further before moving forward with anything else!
  • Type out some keywords related specifically towards our industry such as “bathroom remodeling contractors near me” then click on “more suggestions” until we reach something similar yet unique enough where no other competitor has claimed ownership over yet either locally or nationally level!

Create Multiple Ad Groups

The next step is to create multiple ad groups. You can do this by creating one ad group for each keyword, one for each campaign, one for each device and one for location. It’s important that you don’t overlap your keywords in any of these areas because it will make it harder for Google to figure out what your ad is about and how best to show it on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Create Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are a great way to show the most relevant ad to each user. For example, if you’re a plumber and you have an ad for plumbing services, then it makes sense for Google to show your services when someone searches for “plumbing.” If this is not happening then it’s time to create dynamic ads!

The first step is creating an ad group with all of your keywords that relate specifically to plumbing (i.e., “plumbing” or “water heater”). The second step is adding those terms into the campaign settings as negatives so they won’t appear in any other campaigns unless we specifically want them too (which we don’t). Then finally we set up our targeting options so only people searching for those words see our ads without having any other competing ads around ours which would distract from ours being seen by potential customers.

Test Different Ad Versions And Bids

Test different ad versions and bids. An important part of optimizing your campaign is to test different ad versions to see which works best. For example, if you’re advertising for plumbers in Chicago, try running an advertisement with the keyword “plumber” in it versus one that includes the city name (e.g., “Chicago plumber”).

You can also try testing different bid amounts for each variation to see which performs best by using Google’s automatic bidding feature or manually setting bids in AdWords Editor.

Use Call Extensions And Callouts When Needed

If you’re a plumber, and you want to be able to get in touch with customers who are searching for your services, then this google adwords for plumbers is a great way to do that. You can use call extensions and callouts when needed. Call extensions allow you to add a phone number directly above or below your ad text–and this means that people will see it when they’re looking at their search results!

Callouts are also another good way of getting visitors’ attention with text next to your ads (but not directly above). They’re especially useful if there’s something specific about the business being advertised that warrants highlighting through additional copy like this: “Call us now,” “We offer discounts,” etcetera.

Use Location Extensions For Local Business Results

For local businesses, location extensions can be a great way to show up in local search results. Location extensions are a type of ad extension that allows you to specify your business address and phone number in your ads. This information will appear at the bottom of your ad when it appears on Google Search or Maps, giving people who see it an easy way to contact you right away.

If you’re looking for a reliable restoration company in Phoenix, ASAP Restoration is the right choice.

You can also use location extensions to target specific areas with ads that are relevant to those areas (for example: “Plumber serving Los Angeles area”). You can even use this feature if your business operates online only–just enter “virtual” as the physical address!

Before you begin, it’s important to define your goals. What are you trying to achieve with your ad campaign? Do you want more leads, more conversions or both? It’s also important that you take the time and energy necessary to test different ad versions in order to see which ones work best for your business. This will allow you to make sure that every dollar spent on Google AdWords is worth it!

The next step is using call extensions and callouts within each ad group so people can easily reach out if they want more information about what services or products are available at their location near them right now (or later on). In addition, location extensions can help increase local results by showing where businesses like yours are located within different metropolitan areas across North America such as Toronto or Vancouver BC Canada – so no matter where someone lives there will likely be one nearby them ready provide quality service


Hopefully these tips have helped you to understand how to use Google AdWords for your plumbing business. It’s a powerful tool and can help you get more customers, but it does take some time and effort to set up properly. The key thing is that you need to know what kind of people are searching for your products or services so that you can target them with the right ads at the right time. Click here for the best Google Ad services you could acquire.

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