Get Your Car Back With Impound Insurance

How does impound insurance work?

‘Total insurance’ is a UK-based insurance provider that helps its customers to get impound insurance quotes at a cheap rate. The company has policies that help the customers to have flexible payment options. A monthly payment option is also available for the customers where they can choose the payment method according to their convenience. By getting into the online website provided by the company, the users can apply for the impound insurance more easily.

The website offered by the company is user-friendly. The customer can apply for the impound insurance through a quick and single form. To get the policy, the customer has to fill out all the essential details asked by the website. The website then searches for brokers who can find policy quotes at a cheaper rate. The search for the brokers is done by a special panel that looks for brokers who fulfill the needs of the customer.

After finding the brokers the information is then passed on to the customer. The customer can then choose the correct broker from the list provided. By doing this, money is highly saved by the customer as the right broker can fulfill the customer’s requirements and gives out the policies at a cheaper rate.

The impound insurance is usually provided to the customers whose cars have been seized by the police. They will have a total of 7 working days for reclaiming their vehicle. Even after 14 days, no work is done for the reclamation of the vehicle, it will be disposed of. The main purpose of the total insurance website is to provide its users with brokers who can give them cheap policy options according to their requirements.

What is an impound? How does it work?

An impound is usually referred to as an account that is maintained by a mortgage company. They mainly collect amounts for the taxes or insurance of a property. It is not written in documents, but the collection is mainly for keeping the house safe. These are usually done with the help of a third party.

The impound amount is collected to keep the company safe. It will be less than 20% in total. It is highly risky for the companies who lend the money as the down payment options are really low. An impound account is maintained by the customers to make sure that they do not lose their assets because of a third party or any other causes.

The impound account can be maintained by the customer until the end of the lifetime of the mortgage or until the account reaches around 20% of the mortgage value of the asset. Or they can even close the account. The customers mainly use these accounts to pay off the taxes or insurance on the asset when the third party fails to do so.

An impound account is advantageous for the customer. This is because the down payment for the impound account is low. So it will be regular even if it is slow. There is no need to pay off a large sum at the end of the year, like in case of the third-party insurance. Having an impound account enables the customers to pool money they have according to their needs as there is no need to pay off a large sum in a single payment.

Even though the customers can maintain the impound account, they have to pay off all the dues on the insurance or the taxes related to the asset. Even though the pooling of money is possible with the impound account, the customers should ensure that all the dues are paid off regularly. The customers have complete access to checking on their impound account.

The customers have all right to check their balance on the impound account as well as they can do their transactions independently. Even though there is control over the account by the lender, the customers still have access to it.  The account can only give off money according to the due caused by the third party. Any excess amount found has to be given back to the lender.

Advantages of having an impound account

  • By taking an impound, the customers may get a discount rate according to their closing cost. Interest rates depend on the type of asset and the eligibility provided by the customer.
  • The payments for the taxes or insurance will be done by the lender. Even though the customers have access to their impound accounts, the lenders can make the payments for them. Lenders ensure that all the payments are made regularly at the right time.
  • The PITI (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) is pre-determined and is made fixed for the asset of the customer. Changes can be made once a year. These are to be checked by the customer who takes up the account.
  • Paying off the dues with the help of an impound account is easier as the down payment rate offered by these accounts is very low. The payments are made flexible according to the convenience of the customer. It ensures that the customers do not have to pay a large sum altogether.

The customer has to take up responsibility for making the payments at the right time. Planning and budgeting become easier with the help of impound accounts.

What to do when the fund of an impound account becomes low?

The insurance amount or the tax amount will vary annually. Since the funds provided through the impound account are fixed, any such variations will lead to a shortage of money. So one option available during such a situation is to make a certain percentage of the payments made on the impound account go to the insurance or tax payments until there is enough fund on the impound account.

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Some of the lenders allow the customers to do the auto payment. In such cases, money can be easily withdrawn from the impound account. But the repayment options will be usually provided by the lender. So the customers must make sure that they take up the money from the lenders according to their needs and the down payment options offered.


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