Famous for appearing on the reality television programme American Pickers, where he and his friend Mike Wolfe tour the country in search of antiques and collectibles to buy and sell, is Frank Fritz. Since he hasn’t appeared on the show since 2020, many have been concerned about his whereabouts and health. Frank Fritz was he dead? What is known as follows.


After serving as a co-host of American Pickers from the program’s start in 2010, Frank Fritz departed in 2020. He and Mike Wolfe allegedly fell out over their disparate ideas for the programme and their personal lives, according to The Sun. Fritz added that their friendship was harmed when Wolfe failed to get in touch with him following back surgery in 2019.

Fritz expressed his desire to return to the programme to The Sun, but Wolfe did not appear to be interested. Additionally, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the show’s direction, which put more of an emphasis on Wolfe’s personal life than on the picking. He expressed his feelings of being Wolfe’s “second banana” and his desire for greater attention and appreciation for his accomplishments.


Over the past few years, Frank Fritz has been faced with a number of health worries which have impacted his appearance and his capacity to engage the audience. A little over 36 years earlier, he gained an indication of Crohn’s disease, a chronic ailment. He underwent back surgery in 2019 in addition, which led to the placement of two rods in his spine. He admitted to The Sun that he changed his eating and living habits and as a result lost 65 pounds.

However, Fritz’s stroke in July 2020 was the most significant health worry he had to deal with. He was taken to the hospital after being discovered unconscious at home. He had to go through rehabilitation and physical therapy, but The Sun reports that his condition was stable after the stroke. In addition, he experienced a seizure in November 2020, and pneumonia was later determined to be the cause.

Fritz’s father told The Sun said his son was fully recovering from the stroke and was able to walk and talk once again. He followed by saying that Fritz has a carer who supports him with his daily needs and a court-appointed guardian who helps him make decisions regarding his funds.


Frank Fritz is still alive and recovering from his health issues as of August 2023. He hasn’t visited American Pickers again, and it’s uncertain when he will. Additionally, he hasn’t posted anything on social media since 2018, and he hasn’t provided any current interviews or condition updates.

However, a friend of Fritz reportedly told the Quad-City Times that he was still receiving inpatient care for his stroke but that he preferred to keep his condition a secret. Fritz still had a strong enthusiasm for picking and collecting, the man added, and he wanted to pursue his pursuits in the future.

In addition, Fritz sells some of his antiques in a shop named Frank Fritz Finds in Savanna, Illinois. However, The Sun claims that because of the pandemic and Fritz’s absence, the store has been having financial difficulties. In 2020, the store reportedly only generated $25,000 in revenue annually and was in danger of going out of business.


Fans of American Pickers have been worried about Frank Fritz’s health and wellbeing because they adore him as a character. Frank Fritz did not pass away, despite the rumours and conjecture. He still exists and is making a full recovery after a stroke he had in 2020. He has, however, stayed quiet ever then and hasn’t appeared on American Pickers. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery so that he can resume his love of choosing.

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