Former sheriff JAYLEN FLEER who abused young girls

Former county sheriff’s deputy Jaylen Fleer handed a twelve-year sentence in prison for had sex with underage girls and attempted to meet up with youngsters for sex. He pleaded a guilty plea to 20 offences, including oral copulation of a minor, sexual assault on youngsters, and engaging in contact with kids with the intention of taking part in sexual activities.

HOW HE was observed

In April 2020, the Diego State anonymously received details regarding a man who had engaged in sex acts with a child. It led to learning to Fleer’s crimes. Investigators were able to identify the suspect as Fleer as well as determine that there were another two young victims, according to FOX 5 Digital Team1. The misconduct had everything in common to Fleer’s position as a deputy sheriff.

 A fourth victim was named in the criminal complaint following came next, and all the alleged offences happened between March 27 and April 8, 2020. The victims, based to the punishment, included friends that Fleer met over a number various manners. He gave them an offer of money, enquired regarding their circle of friends, and posed a law enforcement threat. He additionally interacted with them on social media and via his cellphone.


Fleer was imprisoned until his execution on June 18, 2021, following his arrest into detention on July 23, 2020. He accepted a guilty plea bargain that reduced his sentence to his maximum of 16 years and 8 months to a shorter 12 years. likewise, he promised to refrain from speaking to the victims or their families and was then eternally recognised as a sex offender.

Judge Michael Popkins of the the San Diego Country County Superior Court remarked during the sentencing hearing the judge had never come across a more terrible set of facts that he had in this case. He characterised Fleer is a predator who taking benefit of weak girls and used their power. He noted that Fleer lacked any sorrow or remorse for the things he had done.

At the hearing, those injured and family members also spoke, expressing their grief, pain, and fury put by the Fleer. They claimed that he had ruined their lives and robbed their innocence. They appealed for vengeance and closure.

David P. Shapiro, Fleer’s attorney, said that his client accepted responsibility for his inappropriate conduct and hoped that the victims’ and their families would encounter some relief by means of his guilty pleas. likewise he argued that Fleer had mental health difficulties having had no previous criminal record.


Public and law enforcement outrage and condemnation was caused over Fleer’s case. Knowing how he was supposed to protect and serve people, lots of people expressed their disapproval and surprise at what he had done.

In an additional statement, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department stated that it is taken electricity of criminal conduct by its staff members seriously and held its law enforcement employees to the highest standards. Based to the paper, Fleer was reduced from desk duty at San Diego Central Jail as soon as the investigation began underway. It said that it offered complete support towards the Chula Vista Police Department, who were the coordinator with the research.


Retired County of San Diego sheriff’s deputy Jaylen Fleer obtained a twelve-year sentence in prison for engaging sex with underage girls and seeking to meet up with youngsters for sex. He accepted a guilty plea to 20 violations, including oral copulation of a minor, sexually assaulting on kids as well as having contact with youngsters with the intent of partaking in sexual activities.

He was caught after data gathered by Crime Stoppers led investigators to recognise him as the one responsible and discover a further three victims. Judge Popkins punished him, branding him a predator who take advantage of defenceless girls and misappropriated his position of trust. The public and lawyers rallied to his behaviour by expressing feelings of disdain and outrage at what he had done.

His example also demonstrates how crucial it is for sexual assault victims to come forward and seek assistance, as well as for witnesses or bystanders to report any suspicious or illegal activity they hear or see.

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