Fashion Highlights From Summer and Fall 2022

2022 was an exciting year for fashion. With some of the stricter international pandemic regulations receding, celebrities and couture aficionados alike were able to attend fashion and award shows and get an insight into this year’s hottest upcoming styles. Bright colors and vivid patterns were a staple throughout the fashion world, especially in summer and fall styles.

Summer Successes

One of the highlights of the summer fashion season was the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show. Held in luxurious Siracusa, the high fashion house returned to where it first launched the iconic collection for its tenth anniversary. The beautiful Piazza del Duomo set the stage for the new reveals, which had obvious influence from the Italian countryside and religious grandeur. Garments featured lace, brocade, intricate veils, corsets, and classic Dolce florals. The show was a raging success all around.

Multiple celebrities and their families were in attendance, all dressed in opulent Dolce & Gabbana fashions. In the past, fashion shows had been geared more toward adults and journalists, but this show introduced a more family-oriented vibe to couture. Some of the notable attendees were Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum and her daughter, who has modeled for D & G in the past, and Helen Mirren. The stars were able to show off their outfits on a luxurious red carpet before sitting for the fashion show and seeing the new designs the brand had to offer. The tenth-anniversary celebration was a triumph for the brand.

Fall Flair

One of the highlights of the fall fashion season is the Grammy Awards. Everyone who’s anyone attends the awards show, all dressed to the nines. This year was no different. One of the most notable events outside of the fashion was an emotional and poignant address from Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine. It was hard to find a dry eye in the room as he discussed the fate of his war-torn nation and the hope he held for the future.

When it came to the style aspect, the attendees did not disappoint. The always-effervescent Carrie Underwood came to impress in a beautifully structured Dolce & Gabbana gown. The mustard color combined with a beaded bodice contrasted in a stunning way with the red carpet, helping her stand out wonderfully. For the men, Jon Batiste stepped onto the red carpet in a unique silver and yellow custom suit that complemented him perfectly. When he graciously accepted his Album of the Year award, he dazzled in a Dolce & Gabbana suit with a bespoke cape. The silver detailing overlaying the black fabric was reminiscent of feathers, making him look ethereal and otherworldly as he took his award. When it comes to couture, the 2022 Grammy’s were one to remember.

Overall, the looks celebrities and models alike served this year were ones to remember. Whether it was at fashion shows or during awards season, the intricate styles inspired by classic art and architecture will go down as some of the most stunning and innovative designs in recent history.

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