Exploring Interesting Facts About Microdose Shrooms

What is a microdose?

The microdose shrooms are the same amount you would ingest if you were making tea by microwaving or letting it simmer on the stove. It’s just enough to produce noticeable psychedelic effects without fully tripping.

If you want to avoid shrooms completely, don’t try them. If you want to chase away your case of the Mondays with some good music, tripping out in nature, or have an experience that will enrich your life and make it more meaningful, then small doses of shrooms may be for you.

If you feel the least bit uncomfortable about shrooms, then stick with low doses and the less stimulating activities. If you don’t think you will be able to distinguish between a bad trip and your normal life, then stay away from shrooms.

If you are an elder, a beginner that has never made anything up to this point and is still learning how to navigate the world in your head, or someone who simply is not ready for a full dose of shrooms, no matter how small it is, don’t ever take them.

When you hear the word “penis envy mushrooms,” what do you typically imagine? A small, trace amount of shrooms in a gelatinous cube? These are not your typical doses. Microdoses are more like drops of color, pulses of sunlight that break through the clouded gloom and paint a masterpiece in your mind’s eye. This is an introduction to microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms from the perspective of someone who has already benefited from these potent little blasts. Keep reading for some great tips about how to take your trip and enjoy these magical secrets.

The Psilocybin

The first thing you need to know: microdoses of psilocybin shrooms are not the same as being high. Marijuana is a good comparison. When one smokes pot, it delivers an almost immediate high, however short-lived. Cannabis does this by activating cannabinoid receptors in your brain. There are several types of cannabinoids, one of which is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This psychoactive molecule binds onto these receptors and produces a variety of effects, from pleasure and altered senses to increased appetite and sleepiness. It can also produce paranoia or anxiety in some people.

Psilocybin, however, does not ride on the same cannabinoid receptors. Thus, there are no ‘highs’ from microdosing. The effects of psilocybin are pretty much identical to the effects of a good night’s sleep. That is not to say a microdose shroom is not fun. Spending two hours in blissful ignorance can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. But psilocybin can’t make you high—it just takes you down a notch or two on your spiritual path and helps you appreciate sights and sounds that would have otherwise passed right by without notice.

The Shroom

Two principal mushroom species are responsible for the effects of microdose shrooms. The first is psilocybin-containing mushrooms called “liberty caps,” which grow on trees throughout North America. They look like a little round ball with a stem and can be found in the wild or bought dried and ground up at your local grocery store. Picking your own is highly recommended due to their unique flavor, but you can also buy them dried at any good herb shop.

The second species is another member of the genus of mushrooms known as “golden caps” or “gold tops.” These have a more fluid cap shape, which gives them an aesthetic quality not present in the liberty cap mushrooms.

The idea behind microdose shrooms

Microdose, also known as a sub-perceived dose, is the term used to describe the low or small amounts of psychoactive elements in mushrooms. While the term seems fairly straightforward on its own, the uses and effects of microdosing are far more complex and nuanced than we may think.

In this post, I’ll be going over all of these uses for people who are interested in knowing more about microdose shrooms – from improving productivity to curing depression – but I’ll also mention some ideas for how you can utilize them to become a better artist!

Microdosing is best known for its use with psychedelics such as LSD, magic mushrooms, and MDMA. These are all drugs that are infamous for their mind-expanding and powerful effects. Since psychedelic drugs can often have undesirable side effects – such as nausea, diarrhea, and depression – they are much better used in low dosages.

The idea behind microdosing is to take just enough of a psychoactive drug so that the person can experience the desired effects without the problems associated with using a high dose at once. Because of this, we see microdose’s next most popular use across all levels of people. The main example of this is LSD, which is often a very accurate analogy for microdosing because it only has about a 5% – 10% effect (in terms of intensity).

As the effects wear off, a person can simply take another dose to keep on experiencing the desired effects. This can be done multiple times in one day, and many people in the psychedelic community use it to adapt after they’ve used super-high doses.

Microdosing is also used by non-psychedelic users who are interested in improving their productivity and focus. Studies have shown that it can help with energy, motivation, and focus, which are all qualities that help us do our best work.

Additionally, studies have shown that microdosing can help with depression in people who are struggling with mental health issues. It can also help people who have previously suffered from depression, as it helps to desensitize them to the effects of the drug. Not only that, but they’ve shown that significantly reducing the dosage of antidepressants can lead them to get better!

The most important thing to remember is that microdosing is not a quick fix for your problems – it will take time and patience to fully experience the benefits of this practice. Microdosing should be viewed as an action that you perform daily! It just takes practice before you start experiencing more positive changes in your life.

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