Fans of the CBS police drama Blue Bloods may be curious about the private life of Eddie Janko, one of the show’s key characters. Eddie is a police officer who is married to Jamie Reagan, the Reagan family’s youngest son, and is portrayed by actress Vanessa Ray. The Reagan family, who are all active in justice and law enforcement in New York City, live their lives and face problems on the show.

Whether Eddie is pregnant on the programme or in real life is one of the queries that many viewers have. As part of the show’s plot or as a result of Vanessa Ray’s actual pregnancy, there have been several rumours and conjectures that Eddie might be carrying a child. How accurate are these rumours though? Does Eddie from Blue Bloods actually have a baby? This is what we do know.

On-screen pregnancy of Eddie

There is no official word on Eddie Janko’s pregnancy on the show as of yet. No pregnancy narrative for Eddie or Jamie has been handled on the show, and there is no sign that they will do so in the future. However, some viewers have seen that Eddie has been donning looser clothing and coats lately, which might be an indication that she is concealing a pregnancy. In addition, some fans have conjectured that Eddie, who was shot in the season 11 finale that aired on May 14, 2021, would be expecting a child. There is no official statement about Eddie’s pregnancy on the programme from the creators or the performers; these are merely conjectures and speculation.

Real-Life Pregnancy of Vanessa Ray

Vanessa Ray might not be expecting in real life, but Eddie Janko might not be on the show. Is she going to have a child with Landon Beard? No, is the response. As far as we are aware, Vanessa Ray is not actually expecting. As of right now, there is no proof or statement that Vanessa Ray is expecting a kid. She hasn’t shared any images or statements about her pregnancy on social media, and she hasn’t made any obvious baby bump appearances. On June 14, 2015, Vanessa Ray wed actor and musician Landon Beard in a simple ceremony in California. Despite being together for more than six years, the pair has not yet made any mention of having children.


In conclusion, the claims that Eddie Janko from Blue Bloods is actually pregnant are untrue. No pregnancy rumours or plot lines for Eddie or Vanessa have been confirmed by the programme or the actress. Because of this, fans should be cautious about what they read or hear online and wait for official sources to confirm any information. We can enjoy Eddie and Jamie’s connection on Blue Bloods while we wait and wish the best for them.

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