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Debora Bessa is a 19-year-old girl who has been missing since January 9. Late, her family found her on January 13. She was found in a wood area in the Caladinho neighborhood in Rio Branco. A video footage became viral where it was seen that Debora was begging for her life, stating that she did nothing wrong. She was beheaded and stabbed. When Debora prayed for her life, one of the kidnappers said she was responsible for killing her brothers. Debora Bessa Gore has been viral across various social media platforms.


Debora’s sister revealed that she was a member of a gang that dealt with drugs. But she wanted to leave the group as she wanted to build a better future of her daughter. Debora had a five-year-old daughter, and she cared for her future. When Debora was kidnapped, her family learned about her after two days. Till then, she lost her life at the hands of the kidnappers. Police have tried to investigate into the case flawlessly. The police could nab one man and a woman involving in the act.


The video of beheading Debora has been viral on Twitter as well. A man with a machete has been viral and cut her off. The video shows that Debora was begging for her life. But the man did not listen to her prayer. When she looked at the camera the man beheaded her. The video received a lot of reactions from people on social media. People passed different comments on the video. Many social media users have criticized the video. People are also sharing the video and the link to the video on various social media platforms, including Instagram

Many social media platforms have removed the video of the dangerous scene. Such a video may be harmful to children and weak people. Therefore, people have also been restricted from sharing the video further. They have also been warned against sharing the video link to prevent scams. An unidentified link may lead to a scam website. Therefore, everyone has been made aware of such scams. People were eagerly waiting for the result of the investigation. It has been confirmed that the arrested man and the woman have been given life imprisonment. People are sharing the Youtube link.

Many people are watching the video and sharing the link to spread the message further. Many viewers were shocked to see the happening of such a heinous crime and enraged by the kidnappers’ acts. People are giving condolences to the family of the victim. They are also paying tribute to Debora. People were demanding justice for Debora. After hearing the punishment granted to the culprits, many have sighed with great relief. Some of the internet users are still looking for the video. However, the video is not easily accessible as many platforms have deleted the video.


Everyone is shocked to see the video of Debora. People are looking for the video on various social media platforms. But many platforms, including Telegram, have removed the video for the content. To know more, please visit the link

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