Crave Books: The Ultimate platform to promote your book

As a writer/author, you will always anticipate a forefront platform that promotes your books in the modern era. You don’t have to rely on the customary publishing houses to promote your book to an expansive audience in this digital age. The book marketing platforms these days have gained much popularity for the promotion of the book. One such book marketing platform that has been in the limelight these days is Crave Books.

Crave Books are a complete online solution where authors can draft their books with freelance writers, publish them, and promote them across different social media platforms. The platforms use some of their inventive ideas to reach global readers. Even if you can find an abundance of social media platforms to promote your book, you still need a platform like Crave Books that aids you in promotion with a few clicks. This editorial will discuss how Crave Books is the best platform for your book promotion.

Free sign up and creation of author profile

 While most book promotion platform demands paid to sign up, Crave Books offer you a free sign and creating of the author profile. The authors won’t have to pay to create an author profile. This offers you free promotion and access to an extensive audience.

 International presence

Crave Books as a platform offers you book promotion both in the national and international domain. The author can easily promote their books in regions like the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. All your new releases get efficiently promoted in the domain amongst the readers.

Easy promotions on the social media platforms

Now you don’t just have to promote your book by visiting different social media platforms. Rather, you can just promote them across different platforms in just one click. Crave Books allows you to promote your books on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Regardless of the genre, you are writing about; you can promote your book on all the platforms.

You can plan your promotion schedule

Authors at Crave Books can easily schedule their promotions in minutes and automate the process of book promotion. You can also track your promotion in one place without any hassle. At Crave Books, you get access to a wide range of audiences where you can leverage the sales of your book. So, if you wish your book gets a remarkable craze for your book, you must promote your book at Crave Books.

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