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Do you know Charmel Sumalinog? Do you know the details of her viral video, widely circulating online? Many people are curious about the leaked footage of Charmel, which is in discussion. Every day a new viral video is trending on social media networking sites because it is explicit or in connection with popular personalities. This video is getting viral in the Philippines.

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Disclaimer: This post is written based on internet sources. We intend to provide authentic information to readers. We do not support any viral links or content in general. Also, we do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments through this post


The Internet users went into a frenzy after learning about the appearance of Charmel in a leaked video. The video has created a lot of buzz and attracted significant attention from the viewers. People are searching for Charmel Sumalinog Asianpinay viral videos and other related details.

Charmel has become a hot topic of conversation online, given the spread of the explicit video. The footage is trending on social media pages like Pinterest, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit etc. Further, take reference from the below-attached links for more details.


As per the research, we found that the video involves a famous influencer indulging in inappropriate activities which is very private. The identity of the person who shot the video or leaked it online is still unclear, but it will most likely be revealed sooner or later after investigation. The Charmel Sumalinog Issue has become a debate among internet users.

We did not provide the link to the video to protect an individual’s privacy. Some sites claim to provide authentic video links, but not all of them can be trusted. Some links are fake and misleading so choose any links wisely.


  • Name: Charmel Sumalinog
  • Age: Not found
  • Profession: Social media influencer.
  • Date of Birth: Not found.
  • Height: 5ft. 4 inches.
  • Weight: Not found.
  • Nationality: Filipino.
  • Parents: Not found.
  • Place of Birth: Philippines.

Who Is Charmel Sumalinog?

Following the controversy over Charmel Sumalinog Actual Videonetizens are curious to know more about the social media star. Charmel is a well-known social media influencer and digital creator with a massive fan base on Tiktok with a significant number of followers. Charmel is a Philippines-based female star who posts unique content with lip-sync videos, entertaining performances, etc.

Not only on Tiktok bit she also gained a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. Charmel is known mainly as a Filipino star, but her popularity is spreading beyond the boundaries of the Philippines.

What Is The Public Reaction To The Viral Content?

The public opinion upon the viral Charmel Sumalinog Actual Video is particularly mixed reviews. Some people strongly condemn such activities or the spread of sensitive content, disregarding an individual’s privacy and dignity. At the same time, others are curious about the leaked footage. The opinions of people are different from person to person, and everyone has their ideologies regarding controversial viral videos.

But it is still important to maintain some boundaries to protect an individual’s privacy and sensitivity. The most important factor is maintaining society’s moral boundaries and prioritizing a person’s well-being.

What Is Charmel’s Statement On The Spread Of The Video? 

Charmel has not yet reacted to the Charmel Sumalinog Actual Video and maintained silence. Charmel did not comment publicly on the matter, but her team has assured a statement expressing their concern regarding the leaked footage and to remove the video immediately. The authorities are conducting thorough research on the details of the leak and finding the culprit behind the leak.

The crimes related to the viral video leak are very serious such as breach of privacy, and criminal charges are pressed against the culprit. Likely, the person has purposely targeted Charmel given her growing popularity and prominent presence on social media.

Is The Video Still Circulating On Online Platforms? 

Yes, Charmel Sumalinog Actual Video is currently trending on several platforms. The original link has been removed from the public eye because of its explicit nature. But the copied links, images, and screenshots are still widespread all over the internet.

Social Media Links :



The information about the person who shot and posted the video online is not found yet. We request the readers not to promote and refrain from further sharing such content. Sharing a person’s private video publicly without their permission is not legit, and it comes under criminal offenses.



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Charmel Sumalinog Actual Video: FAQs

Q1. Who is Charmel Sumalinog?

Charmel is a Philippines-based social media celebrity who gained popularity through posting Tiktok lip sync videos. 

Q2. Why is Charmel Sumalinog’s viral video in the discussion?

The reason behind its growing popularity is because of the involvement of the private content of the celebrity.

Q3. Does Charmel post the video officially? 

No, the video was leaked by an unauthorized account without her consent.

Q4. When did the video go viral on social media platforms? 

They went viral very recently during this week only of June month.

Q5. On what sites is the Charmel Sumalinog Actual Video in circulation? 

The video is circulating on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Q6. Why is Charmel famous on Tiktok?

Charmel has grabbed everyone’s attention through her unique and creative lip-syncing videos on Tiktok.

Q7. What are the public opinions on the controversial video? 

Neithzens are of mixed views about the viral video. Some are disgusted by the video and expressing concern about the privacy breach, while others are making fun of the whole scenario.

Q8. What are the charges imposed on the culprit? 

The criminal charges faced by the leaked video offenders as it involves an individual’s privacy and dignity.

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