Changes to Your Routine to Become Healthier

As creatures of habit, we tend to become set in our ways. While there are plenty of people that crave variety and can’t stand to have the same routine day in and day out, many of us take comfort from the predictable patterns that dictate our time. It explains why you might go to the same restaurant time and time again, and though you may always look through the menu, you choose the same dish at the end. It is reliable and you know what to expect.

But routines can hurt us just as much as they can bring us comfort. Some habits that you may have could be negatively affecting your health. When this happens, it is best to change up your routine and adopt new behaviors that promote wellness. Even if you think that your health does not matter, it is intricately connected to your lifestyle. A healthy person is more energetic and generally feels better, making them more productive and fun to be around.

Perhaps it is time to examine your daily or weekly routines to look for gaps in your wellness. Here are a few changes that you can make that will prioritize personal health.

Focusing on Sleep

Sleep is one of the first things that can suffer when you have a busy schedule. If this is the case for you, your health is at risk. Sleep gives your cells the environment and time that they need to recover so that your body can function the next day. If you are not getting seven to eight hours each night, your ability to be productive and energetic the next day will be hampered. If you feel you are unable to fall asleep than you can try buckwheat pillow.Some routine changes you could make to prioritize sleep include reading before bed, avoiding screens, adopting natural remedies that encourage sleep, and avoiding the snooze button. When the alarm goes off, sit up and start to move, because those five-minute bouts of extra sleep that occur when you hit the snooze button provide no health benefits.

Add Short Breaks During the Day

A busy day can be overwhelming and add to your stress levels. This negatively impacts your overall mental health. Stepping away from your responsibilities can be the cure that you need for an exhausted mind and body. Take small, 15-minute breaks throughout the day if you can. For these breaks, you should step away from what you are doing completely. Move to a different room, go for a walk, stay off the phone, and let your mind and body truly rest during this time. By prioritizing this practice, you can recoup small amounts of energy that you need to be productive and have a better mindset for the rest of the day.

Prioritize Health in the Morning

It can be tough to make time for healthy behaviors later in the day, especially if you feel exhausted after many hours of work, school, childcare, or other responsibilities. By the end of the week, you might realize that you took almost no steps toward better health. You can reverse this trend by taking one small healthy step in the morning. It could be going for a short walk before getting ready for work. Maybe you spend ten minutes reading a book that educates you or teaches you a skill. You could spend an extra few minutes preparing a healthier breakfast. All of these small steps represent minor changes to your routine that can put you in a healthier mindset and get the ball rolling for making wellness-focused decisions throughout the day.

Spend Time Outside

The outdoors provides so many health benefits, and this is backed up by scientific research. Being outside gives you access to fresh air, vitamin D production from exposure to sunlight, and a boost to your mood from the environment. It also encourages physical activity, whether that means walking, jogging, biking, or participating in outdoor sports. Even if you have a busy schedule, step outside during those 15-minute breaks. Go for a walk in the morning or evening. Sit out on your deck or porch and read a book for pleasure. The more time you spend outside, the better it is for your health. Plus, a sedentary lifestyle where you spend all day sitting is extremely detrimental to your wellness goals. Being outside encourages mobility and exercise.

Make Changes One at a Time

All these ideas may sound great to you, but the reality is that you may only be able to make one or two changes depending on your lifestyle. That is okay. Changing your routine to strengthen your focus on health can take time. Start by adopting just one of these behaviors. Maybe you start waking up earlier and reading for ten minutes to relax in the morning. Then, in a few weeks, you can start doing that outside. Then, a week or two later, start taking some additional short breaks while working. Eventually, you can start going for long nature walks in the evening or morning. Before you know it, your whole routine has changed and health has become a priority in your life.

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