Cannabis Strains to Try in 2023 from a Weed Dispensary

There is plenty of cannabis selection one can find from an online weed dispensary. This gives you immense strains (types of weed) to choose from. For a beginner, it can be intimidating to pick what strain to try. If you want to simplify it, cut to the chase to know the type of weed you will use or try this year. Here is 7 cannabis you can try.

Marijuana Strains of Choice in 2023

The best marijuana strain can be difficult to define. While some people desire a strong high, others choose softer, calmer, and mellower effects. 

You can use this weed selection depending on the outcomes you are looking for. After all, you can have a vast choice when buying from an online dispensary.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis is a hybrid created by crossing White Widow, Chronic, and Cheese strains. It has an Indica-dominant characteristic with a 70/30 ratio, providing a mesmerizing experience. 

The strain has potent Indica qualities, inducing calming effects that leave you in a state of bliss. With a THC concentration of up to 20% and 2% CBD, it’s perfect for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a powerful and soothing experience.

Smoking Strawberry Cheesecake gives people inspiration and energy, enabling them to take on challenging tasks. This strain allows you to get up, move around, and simply relax on the couch.

Cadillac Cookies

Cannabis enthusiasts have undoubtedly tried a variety of enigmatic strains, but Cadillac Cookies takes the prize. 

The team at Elevate Cannabis may not have definitively confirmed creating this Indica-dominant strain, but it’s known that they produced it by crossing Cadillac Purple and Platinum Cookies.

Smoking Cadillac Cookies may not result in particularly potent effects, but it’s still worth it. This strain sends a feeling of pleasure and inventiveness, making it ideal for low-energy nighttime activities. Depending on your tolerance level, you can expect this flower to create a peaceful evening or aid in a restful night’s sleep.

California Orange

This strain typically produces a calm, clear-headed high. Feelings of serenity swiftly follow an elevation of the senses. 

California Orange is cerebral without being overly intense, supporting concentration and creativity. The ability to maintain concentration can help patients with anxiety and attention deficit problems. It allows them to maintain their focus in one task without having to get easily distracted by their thoughts or thing around them.

Peanut Butter Breath

This hybrid marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant bud. It is a hybrid of Mendo Breath F2 and Do-Si-Dos. Your body will experience waves of pleasant pleasure as the strain’s calming effects take hold, leaving you feeling contentedly mellow. 

Before extending their buzzing tendrils throughout your entire body, these tingles begin in the back of your neck and spine. They leave you feeling utterly at ease and carefree, at least until the munchies strike.

French Cookies

French Cookies provide a laid-back high that is noticeable. It’s a great strain for mid-day use when you need to get things done but also want to relax and enjoy your work. The strain balances increased creativity and focus with a calming effect, providing more than just mental clarity. 

It’s ideal for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, or chronic tension, as it reduces stress and increases energy. The mental boost helps you deal with these persistent illnesses and handle a demanding work schedule.


Gelato is renowned for hitting consumers hard and fast before they can breathe out. The most notable result is a perspective shift that makes smokers adjust to their freshly enhanced environment. 

The brain rush is followed by a noticeable body buzz that makes it difficult to do anything but doesn’t have couch lock experience. Some claim that Gelato has psychedelic effects, including increased time dilation and hearing sensitivity. Gelato is excellent for use during the day or early evening because it gives users a floating, pleasant, yet still lucid experience.


Gorilla Glue #4 and Stardawg, two potent Indica strains, were crossed to form the Indica-dominant hybrid strain known as Tomahawk. This strain is known for its intense high and is a fantastic option for any seasoned user seeking a powerful blow to the head with delectable drowsy effects. 

You’ll experience this flower’s heady side as soon as you exhale, flooding your brain with a lifted, fuzzy sense of bliss. Additionally, this strain aids brain relaxation and softly eases any anxious or racing thoughts. The following phase is a calming body high that gradually spreads to your limbs before completely removing you from your surroundings.


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