Can Kratom Repair Your Wounds Faster?

The relation between injuries and physical activity is unbreakable. From muscle cramps to tissue and ligament damage, all are a part of our daily life. But no amount of injury should stop us from living. On that note, we will test this herb, Kratom, on its ability to treat wounds. We will test all the three main strains, Red Borneo kratom, Green Indo kratom, and white Hulu kratom. By the end, you will be able to decide on the perfect suitor.

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What is Mitragyna Speciosa?

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa belongs to the same family as coffee. It mainly grows in Southeast Asia and Africa. You may have heard about it as a supplement of an energy booster, mood enhancer, pain reliever, and antidote for opioid withdrawal. Its extracts provide a base to formulate liquid products. It serves as a treatment for muscle pain, cramps, panic attacks, and diarrhea.

At low doses, mitragyna acts as a stimulant. At higher doses, it reduces pain and delivers euphoria. At very high doses, it acts like a sedative. It makes the users calm and perhaps sleepy. Some people who practice Asian traditional medicine consider it a substitute for opium.

How can it help?

There is no such proof that the herb can heal any wound. But different studies show it can reduce its seriousness. Let us know how:

  • Reduces muscle soreness

Many ailments like arthritis directly impact the joints. Even in old age, the movement of joints becomes an issue. The loss of gel between the ligaments due to any reason causes unbearable pain. Prolonged exposure to this scenario can lead to negative consequences. There is no proof that mitragyna can restore the lost fluid. But it can reduce the pain.

It is a neurotransmitter that operates on the joints to produce a relaxing effect. It acts on the tensed muscles and releases acetylcholine. The repetitive onset of this cycle eventually builds healthier muscles.

  • Alleviates pain

Repeated workouts and physical exercises can lead to cramps and pain. It temporarily affects the motor ability of a person. Hence, we cannot ignore it. You can take antibiotics or other tablets to get relief. But they are very potent and affect digestion. The intake of natural treatment can be a perfect rescue. In other words, the use of mitragyna can be suitable.

It is a natural analgesic. It works on the pain receptors and boils down to the sensation. The reaction is possible due to the presence of alkaloids in it. They act on the endocannabinoid system to create such a response. If you want to get double eyelid surgery then read all the precaution before getting it.

  • Induces sleep 

Resgetset is easily affected in case of any illness. And poor sleep itself is an inducer of many more ailments. Quality sleep can cure half of your disorder. It calms the mind, fills energy, and promotes psychological health. But attaining good sleep is not easy. We need to be free from stress, disease, and pain. Kratom can help you get a peaceful night in complicated situations.

Good sleep promotes the origination of new skin cells and heart health. A low dosage of red or green mitragyna can help you rest peacefully. You can consume the herb via a capsule, powder, tincture, vape oils, etc.

  • Calms our mind

The other prozone of mitragyna Speciosa is ensuring mental health. It can treat depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. Kratom generates euphoria as it alleviates the release of dopamine and serotonin. It can take 5-15 minutes to show its action.

It is a godmother for introverts and socially awkward people. Their intake also increases concentration and confidence. A wide range of strains is available that can release such an effect. You need to pick the right one from a proper seller.

You can get an idea of the action zones of different strains in the next section. And you can purchase them on either an online or offline platform once you have made up your mind.

Red, green or white: which one to pick?

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Red vein kratom: It is the final stage in the growth of this herb. The red pigmentation is due to the deposition of alkaloids. This deposition makes it highly potent. This strain is suitable for depression, insomnia, pain relief, mood enhancement, and euphoria.

Green vein kratom: It is the stage before the red color in the plant. It is favorable for brewing tea as it is not very bitter. Its alkaloid content is suitable for sleep, mild pain relief, anxiety, diarrhea, cramps, and panic attacks.

White vein kratom:  It is the earliest stage in its plant life. It is best as morning or evening tea to destress our minds. It can boost your confidence and release tension and mild pain. It is not a sedative at this stage.

Now you have a broad idea about mitragyna. It will help you find the perfect match for your issues.

Final words

None of the herbs alone can cure all wounds. They can only help you seek the cure. A combination of a healthy lifestyle and diet is also crucial. Never rely entirely on any herb. Always keep your diet on top and take care.

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