Best Mail Order Weed Canada – A Guide 2022

While you have been searching for the best mail order weed canada, reading further shall surely guide you to one of such best mail order weed canada online dispensaries. Since the time Canada has made it legal to consume weeds, in October 2018, this industry of weeds has kept on growing exponentially. There has been an increase in the consumption among its existing consumers especially amongst the men and also along with that, there has been an increase in the addition of the new consumers who are above the age of 15 years.

Presently, there are more than 200 online dispensaries that are based in Canada, or mail order weed as one may call it. Indeed, you have been surely left spoilt for choices, especially the ones who have started consuming weeds. But whatever it may be, it is certain that across the online stores you shall surely get some of the best qualities of weed legally and within an affordable price range. Further to that, they shall also provide you with the requirements that you may have. It could be asconcentrates, edibles, or even as vape. These online dispensaries are absolutely reliable and genuine. They have a great collection of different varieties of weed from which you can choose and it ranges in different prices as well which is sure to fit the pocket of every consumer as what he may be requiring.

The thing to keep in mind is that each of these online dispensaries has its own specificities. And so, the responsibility lies in you making a thorough check and even having a word with their team about the type of weed you are looking for before you go ahead and make the purchase. One of the best mail order weed canada online dispensary surely happens to be Lucky Herbz. Here you shall Buy Weed In DC having a genuine quality to them. More to that they have different price ranges for their different types of weeds which is sure to fit your budget. One of the things that their customers love about them is their great ability to provide the customer service. So, this is one such best online dispensary for weeds which you can surely try.

Lucky Herbz

This online dispensary for weeds was formed in the year 2010. Its mission has always been to provide its customers with the best quality of cannabis at affordable prices. Their BC bud is of the best quality that you can ask for. They source them from Canada-based local and small batch of craft producers. They always ensure into bringing you the best products fromthe legacy market. They have 83 varieties of products and 35 stains to them. Over the years they have served multiple happy customers. Their online store has a great elegant design to it. Having 2 offices with 21 team members, they have already completed 750 projects by now and have worked along with 190 companies. Indeed, this says a lot about their brand value in the market.


One of the core strengths of Luck Herbs has always been their well-coordinated teamwork which helps them to deliver the best product to their customers. In their collection of weeds, you shall discover the ones that the customers always prefer to have. Making the weed very much affordable to the citizens of Canadahas always been one of their important focuses and so they offer great ounce deals even for the twenty-eight grams of their best products.

Whether it is the pine tar kush indica A+ that you are looking for or the moby dick sativa AAA, monster brucesative A, rockstar indica A, you are sure to find the best of its quality having the best of ounce deal to it as well. In their AAAA top shelf you shall discover AAAA mix and match ounce deal, apple fritter sativa craft AAAA, cbd blue charlotte’s web indica craft AAAA, and also the cbd jack herer sativa craft AAAA as well amongst many others. You can remain certain that these are the best ones that they have and they themselves prefer to consume these varieties as well.

Lucky Herbz is surely one of the most trusted names in the industry. They greatly care about providing their customers with the best online experience of cannabis, being huge fans of cannabis themselves. Their core focus has always been to curate a shop from where they themselves would like to shop from and find some of the best in quality buds that have been offered in the best price range. This is exactly what they offer to their customers.

A few more of their best quality of products are joints by grass fed which you shall be able to get in a pack of 5, organic death bubba smalls indica in ounce deals, sec gummies mix + match bundle, joints by grass fed of 50s pack as well.  If you are looking for the edible ones, you shall surely be able to find them here as well. Astro chocolates mix + match, atomic edibles mix + match bundle, atomic wheelchair gummies, atomic wheelchair minis and much more.

They also have different vape products and cartridges as well such as the 10s pack of boost vape cartridge, htfse sauce premium cartridges, cbd vape cartridge, and the thc x htfse distillate cartridges. On their website if you check you shall come across a blog section that shall help you to learn more about cannabis. The blog is indeed a great place to pursue or to learn the art of rolling a joint or even the various methods of consuming cannabis. The accessories section shall lead you into picking up what you may prefer to use or may require such as the nova vape pen battery, plastic grinder, and the zig zag rolling papers.

Payment and other necessary details

Lucky Herbz provides you with the fast services of shipping the products that you choose. They always take pride in the fact that even though you are buying the best product yet you are not burning a hole in your pocket. Their mode of payment is also safe and secure and they offer customer service assistance through live chats and emails as well.

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