Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup 2023: Top 5 Picks & Reviews


A reverse phone lookup site is needed now more than ever. In today’s world, it is not uncommon to receive calls from unknown numbers. These calls could be from the wrong dial by someone, old friends, and distant relatives. Sadly, these calls could also come in from scammers and pranksters who take pleasure in ripping people off their money and wasting their precious time.

Reverse phone lookups operate opposite to what is obtainable in normal phone books where the name is used to get the right number. a reverse phone lookup service provides information about the owner of a phone number using a scanning system. Its search system is connected to a wide range of public records provided by different government agencies. These agencies are spread across different levels of government: local, state, and federal. 

The details on the report vary across each service provider but they each would provide a minimum of 

  • Owner Name
  • Residential address
  • Email addresses and social media profiles.

Let’s have a look at 5 service providers with excellent reports.

  1. NumLooker – uses an intelligent algorithm model that can squeeze out information from public databases 
  2. USPhoneLookup – 
  3. USPhoneSearch – 
  4. TheNumberLookup – 
  5. USPhoneBook – 


Numlooker is a free reverse phone lookup that uses an intelligent algorithm model that can squeeze out information from public databases and synthesize quality background details with the aid of a phone number. The number could be a mobile number, landline, and even fax.

It weaponizes the digits of the number to extra details such as Ownership, email address, previous home address, and family genealogy. Numlooker gives more information thanks to its deep search engine network. It gives information such as:

  • Social media handles and profile ratings 
  • Criminal record
  • Employment status
  • Businesses and properties owned

Numlooker is an easy-to-use reverse phone lookup. It is designed with the layman at heart. It has large navigation panels with conspicuous icons to ensure that there is no mix-up with search procedures. It also has a clearly explained “how to” log for every search option.

Aside from the regular phone recovery lookup, Numlooker also runs a few other services:

  • Email lookup
  • Personal lookup
  • Background check

These other features have made it a creative tool in the hands of many who use it for other purposes such as checking up on a dating partner before a physical meeting.


  • Quality Add-ons
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed than normal report


  • Not available for non-US numbers

Get Phone Lookup Report With NumLooker 


A reverse phone lookup tool with an excellent User interface; this makes it less cumbersome to use. The search engine is connected to a wide range of other search engines which scan public records and carry out online footprint scans. These search results are used to generate the information.

Its wide search capacity allows it to churn out information very quickly as compared to other contemporary lookup sites with equally large databases. This makes it the go-to site when in need of time-bound information.

The site also observes a very good data privacy policy which ensures that searched information is never leaked to any phone mobile owner or other third parties.


  • Fast and reliable search
  • Good report
  • String privacy policy


  • Omission in data presented

Use USPhoneLookup For Reverse Phone Lookup


The site has a very wide database that does not end with US public data records alone but also includes online crawlers which monitor the online engagement of people. It can organize and arrange reports concerning any number whether mobile number, landline, or VoIP number. It even gives details of toll-free numbers across different zones.

It also uses its advanced filter system to present only information that is needed by the user and discard the remaining. The site also partners with a few cell phone carriers to allow it to provide name lookup, email lookup, and address lookup when the phone number is not available to search.


  • Large Dataset for search
  • Outline up-to-date reports.
  • Add-ons like email and address lookup.


  • Only provide information on US-tied numbers.
  • Reports can be tough to read after a search.

Try This Online Lookup Tool For Free Today


It is the most recent of the reverse phone lookup sites here. Although it is a new service provider, it engages a very advanced system of search algorithms to produce search results from a wide range of public data. White pages, public phone directories, and other online sources are used to get this information.

It is also designed to be compatible with mobile and desktop devices. It has an excellent user interface which is due to its detailed and well-directed navigation panels.

It is also very fast and can churn out queried information in less than five minutes.


  • No hidden cost
  • Fast results 
  • Safe and Private 


  • A new service provider 

Visit TheNumberLookup For The Ultimate Search


It is a simple layout site, compatible with mobile and desktop devices, that gives a report containing the age, present and past residences, family members, email addresses, connected names, and possible associates of the owner of the number.

Usphonebook can be used to track individuals using their numbers, registered home, office, mobile, or landline lines. It also ensures that the IP address is secret to ensure that all data is private and safe.

Lastly, it does not require any form of registration or membership to use its services.


  • Compatible with Mobile and Desktop devices.
  • Landline and mobile devices search
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Not available outside the US 

Use USPhoneBook To Find Out More About The Last Caller.

How to Get the Best Reverse Phone Lookup?

Here are some factors to consider before using a reverse phone lookup

  • Reliable Data: A good reverse phone lookup should give accurate information in its report. It should only provide the most recent data from public records and every other detail. The best reverse lookup sites should carry out scheduled updates to ensure that all obsolete data are expunged.
  • Data Encryption: The primary purpose of using a reverse lookup site is to be able to carry out a background check on a phone number without anyone being aware. This would mean that search history cannot be checked nor can it be accessed by any other third party.
  • Speed of execution: Information that is needed from reverse lookup sites are time bound. A reverse lookup site should be able to provide information in less than five minutes. It should also be able to organize it and deliver a sensible report else the goal of using it is forfeited 


Reverse phone lookup services are available to everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in the world just to ensure access to the internet. It can be used to identify the caller from an unknown number but it can only be permitted for private use. Reverse phone lookup services also use legal documents to generate information hence there is no need to be afraid of any illegality in its use. They make use of data available to the public and on online platforms which have rightly sought users’ consent.

It can be used to spot scammers, pranksters, and telemarketing phone numbers easily. This would be a good wall of protection against strangers ruining a productive day with funny requests over the phone.

They also pose no security risk as they do not keep any record of the search. They also encrypt the IP address to ensure it won’t be traced back to the user.

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