What is Berry.im and why is this simple trading solution in so much hype right now?


With the internet and technology becoming a pioneering aspect of life, there comes multiple online earning opportunities. The best example here has to be the relevance of cryptocurrencies, and how they have made trading a common norm. Likewise, countless trading platforms have emerged as a beacon for people to earn side gigs. One of the most popular trading hubs has to be Berry.im. But is it a reliable crypto platform or just another scam pulled by some fraudulent group? Well, you’d have to browse ahead for answers

About Berry.im

Berry.im is a typical Cryptocurrency trading platform where investors from across the globe are welcome to participate. It runs all of its services online, which is why becoming a part of the community is quite simple. At first glance, it appears as if the platform is too ordinary; but as you move across, you’ll find out that it includes countless features seen nowhere else. Besides that, the providers take care of user safety and professionally assist through smart routing, leading exchanges, global order books, flash execution, smart arbitrage, and so on.

Furthermore, this place also takes good care of user safety and implements the best technology available to safeguard its clients. The funds and digital assets additionally get stored offline and in cold storage units, ensuring double safety. But that’s not the end, because Berry.im even has a legit risk management system. This system in place is used to examine authorized withdrawals and prevent unusual activities. In case any suspicious act is detected, the account will be temporarily disabled for around 24 hours.

Earning opportunities on Berry.im 

  • Buying and Selling Crypto: Here, traders can fully enjoy spot trading for multiple cryptocurrencies. The prices usually run at standard market prices; so depending on the day and time, you can earn huge profits.
  • Referral Program: Other than trading, users can try networking and earn simultaneously through their big user base.
  • VIP Program: For trusted users of www.berry.im, the platform has announced its VIP program which comes with some exclusive benefits. From discounted trading fees to exclusive rewards – VIP profiles are given a great advantage in many ways.
  • ICO World Premiere: Traders can also choose to skip the old trading road, by investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) using the berry.im ICO World Premiere platform.

How Berry.im VIP works 


Berry.im users, to become a VIP, will require a profile with a minimum of 50 USDT. In addition, the cumulative transaction sum will strictly have to be within the day’s highest balance. It is also worth noting that this VIP system is partitioned into nine different levels. Every one of these levels attracts unique trading rights, income, rewards, sign-in rewards, trading activities, and more. The best part is that VIP users stand a chance to turn into Berry Global Partners and officially attend community-building conferences and other meet-ups.

Potential of berry.im

Traders can use www.berry.im platform to increase their bank balance, but the exact numbers are dependent on your performance. In addition, your courage to take risks will stand out here. The more you are willing to be at risk, the chances of earning will simultaneously increase. Do note that It does not guarantee any potential earnings and losing money while trading will be at your risk.

Is Berry.im worth it? 

Unfortunately, this platform is not free of flags. And because It is about money and trading monetary values, you must become wise and understand the possible risks. For example:

  • Sketchy regulations: Trading platforms should have a regulating body, and not having one is a big security alert. Well, Berry im does not have one, meaning that it might have unfair practices withheld.
  • Nill security measures: The website claims to have legitimate security measures, but has yet to provide any evidence in support of the same. 
  • High-Risk Investment options: In Berry im, traders will be convinced for leveraged trading and margin trading, which are high-risk and not recommended unless you’re an inexperienced trader.
  • Unreliable Customer Support: In case any trader meets with some issue, there is nowhere to go and find help.  
  • Unknown CEO: Because the owner of Berry im is unrevealed, chances are that this website is just another scam run by a fraudulent team.

What users have to say about berry.im

When it comes to user testimonials, you’ll find mixed reviews of berry.im, with many speaking ill of it and some expressing their gratitude. One ex-user said that they had a terrible experience with this broker — masked as legit but was nothing beyond a scam. Usually, credits suddenly vanish from the wallet once users have successfully paid the sum and no one knows what’s up. Trapped individuals will lose their hard-earned money and there will barely be any help available in such situations. You can try reporting their phishing activities; but in most cases, doing so will be of no use. On the other hand, you’ll come across multiple users that speak in favor of this website. According to happy users, It is a reliable company and there are no worrisome factors. However, remember that the number of negative reviews is way more than the positive stands. This means that the chances of it turning out to be a trick is most likely the case, indicating that every positive review is staged.


Berry.im seems to be a legit cryptocurrency trading platform, inclusive of services like BTC, ETH, and TRX. Its interface feels super premium and will trick anyone into a scammy trap. This has been reported several times now; and from how it seems, this trading hub is a scam. Be it through the testimony, lack of a regulatory body, absence of a physical office, or poor transparency — the number of points hinting at its negative elements have something important to say. We suggest you not invest here at all, and consider its red flags to be on the safest side. The money is yours, but it’s best if you find some other reliable scheme for investments.

Faqs About Berry.im

Q1. How do withdrawals work on Berry.im? 

Ans: While the minimum deposit is around 50 USDT, the minimum withdrawal sum is comparatively low and near about 1 USDT.

Q2. What is the “Win-Win Promotion’’ on Berry.im about? 

Ans: The “Win-Win Promotion’’ is how users can earn cashback on transactions. To activate it, one must complete tasks like inviting friends to register on berry.im. Besides, this promotion works well for both spot trading and futures trading.

Q3. What are the deposit options available on Berry.im? 

Ans: Presently, berry.im only supports cryptocurrency deposits and options including BTC Deposits (0.0001 BTC), ETH Deposits (0.001 ETH), and TRX Deposits (30 TRX).

Q4. Who and when was Berry.im founded? 

Ans: There is no relevant information available on Berry.im. So, unfortunately, we do not have any information on its founder.

Q5. What factors make Berry.im a risky site? 

Ans: User testimonials suggest that this trading platform is risky and engages in scammy activities. Even in general, the platform is very sketchy and lacks transparency in all areas.

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