Beautiful Custom Engagement Rings Inspired by Nature

If you are planning to surprise your girlfriend by getting down on one knee and proposing marriage, you will no doubt wish to have a very special diamond ring in your hand. Any old ring simply won’t do for such a special occasion, which is why you should look for a skilled custom jeweller, a craftsman who can take your concept and create the perfect symbol of your undying love.

Leaf designs

One of the most popular designs for engagement rings is one with two leaves, one on either side of the central stone, which could be a diamond, emerald or even aquamarine. Leaves are ideal to showcase the central gemstone and there are several different leaf sizes and designs, depending on your preference. If you are based in Perth, contact Vinny and Charles, a couple who handcraft engagement rings with a natural theme.

Serpent ring with emerald eyes

Yellow gold is shaped like a serpent, with two pave emeralds or rubies for the eyes; this unique design can be handcrafted by a skilled custom jeweller. If you don’t mind foregoing the element of surprise, why not ask your bride-to-be to work with the jeweller to come up with the perfect design?

Twig ring

A finely crafted twig with a single diamond looks stunning and there are several variations, depending on which gemstones you prefer. Platinum or rose gold make for the ideal metal and with a selection of paving stones, you can create something unique that people will comment on.

Curved leaf ring

Styled by a skilled jeweller, a curved ring adorned with a few leaves is perfect for a lover of nature; the jeweller can show you many fine photos of previous projects, which might give you some design inspiration.

The process

The process of having an engagement ring made begins with an initial Zoom meeting with the jeweller where you can discuss designs and prices; this usually leads to a few 3D images created by the jeweller and when a design is chosen, the work can begin. Once the jeweller has finished, you will be invited to their studio for a viewing and if all is well, you leave with the ring in a presentation box, complete with diamond certification.

Search online for established custom jewellers and browse a few websites until you find a craftsman that has what it takes to create the perfect engagement ring.

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