We explained the details on Bashid Mclean Photo Reddit. Read About shocking incident of Son Holding His Mom Head Original Foto, and Photo Twitter

Do you still remember the murder case of Tanya Byrd? If not, then you must read this content as this post shared facts on Bashid Mclean Photo Reddit and how a child can kill his mother. This post will make you familiar with one of the most heinous murders that took away the breath of many people Worldwide. So, make sure you don’t miss any updates from this post.


You must have heard the name of Bahsid McLean somewhere in the news channel, newspaper, or on social media sites. If you use Reddit, then you must have come across the pictures of him. However, this murder case might have faded away as it happened in 2013 in February. A Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture was leaked on Reddit and other social media platforms leaving everyone disappointed as no one could have expected this from a child. The name of this child is Bahsid McLean. A young man who was only 23 years old had sinned and it felt like he had no guilt or regret for what he had done.

Moreover, the culprit has been rewarded with a strict punishment for this heinous crime. Furthermore, some online sites revealed that he is facing cerebral issue due to which he committed this crime. But, the court decided punishment keeping all the facts in mind.


Were you able to find the original picture of Bahsid McLean with his mother’s head? The picture surfaced on several social media sites including Twitter, Reddit, etc. However, we could not share the original picture of Bahsid with the dismembered head of Tanya Byrd. Tanya Byrd was a young woman who was running in her forties. She did not expect that her son would become the reason for her death. As per sources, Bahsid not only killed Tanya Byrd but chopped her body into pieces and filled them in different plastic garbage bags. People were shocked to notice the Bahsid Mclean Holding Head Photos as they were disturbing.

The police officials immediately took action on this incident and handcuffed the culprit. The updates were trending after his recent trial in the court.

How Did Bahsid Kill His Mother? 

It was not revealed if Bahsid had any pre-plans in his mind to kill his mother. Moreover, it was an unexpected event that happened in the house of Tanya Byrd. As per sources, Bahsid McLean had killed his mother with the help of his friend William. He stabbed Tanya in the bedroom of their apartment and then chopped her body into pieces and threw it in different locations.

How Did Bashid Mclean Photo Twitter Come Into A Highlight?

As per online sources, the photo circulated through the social media platforms. Bahsid McLean himself held the head of her mother and clicked a selfie. It might have been posted after his mobile phone might have been recovered by the authorities. It is unknown if he uploaded the pictures on his social media or if somebody else did that. After the pictures of Bahsid holding Tanya’s head went viral, everyone was shocked. In the picture, we could not see any sense of regret on his face and he seems to be smiling holding the head of his mother.

Reactions On The Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture

People reacted weirdly and shockingly to the pictures of Bahsid holding the head of Tanya. People posted blurred pictures of him on the Twitter handles to which many people reacted. The users commented on the pictures and shared their reactions on the same. On the other hand, people also shared their thoughts on Reddit and they had goosebumps after they read about this crime. You can easily go through the comments by the users if you search for this picture on any social media site including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

More Facts On The Bashid Mclean Original Foto! How Was This Matter Highlighted? 

As we explained earlier Bahsid killed his mother with the help of his friend, William. However, the question arises if he surrendered or not. However, he did not surrender himself rather the pieces of body were identified by a man who was walking around with his dog at 4:30 in the morning. His dog smelled the plastic bags that were lying in the corner. When the bags were opened, they found dismembered parts of a human body and they immediately informed the police. The cops reached the destination and started their inquiry.

Bashid Mclean Photo Twitter: Who Else Knew About The Murder? 

As per online sources, the readers are willing to know if anyone else knew about the heinous crime committed by Bahsid. There are speculations if his little brother Nasyr knew about the murder or not. As per sources, he was suffering from Down syndrome and no online reports are reporting if he knew about this crime. So, Nasyr might not be aware of the murder of his mother.

However, Bahsid McLean has been sentenced to 25 years of life imprisonment and will be given treatment as he might be facing some cerebral issues.


Summing up this post here on Bahsid Mclean Holding Head Photos, we have scrutinized the details on the murder of Tanya Byrd, mother of Bahsid McLean. We hope that the details mentioned in this post are valuable and will help you to understand everything about this murder case.



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